Top 10 Reasons Not To Buy Galaxy S9 / S9 + According To Readers

Mobile-Review has already published an article 'Ten reasons not to buy a Galaxy S9 / S9 +', but not all readers agreed with the reasons stated in it. Let's consider alternative reasons to refuse a purchase that were suggested in the comments.

1. Shovel

Top 10 Reasons Not To Buy Galaxy S9 / S9 + According To Readers

Despite the fact that Samsung makes some of the most compact flagships today, the Galaxy S9 is not such a small device. Especially if you look at the height of 149 mm, and estimate whether such a device will fit into the pocket of your favorite summer jeans. And if you want a dual camera? The Galaxy S9 + is even bigger. So if you are looking for 'iPhone SE on Android', you will have to pass by here. Even the new Sony XZ2 Compact will be shorter and narrower (albeit thicker).

2.18: 9

Top 10 Reasons Not To Buy Galaxy S9 / S9 + According To Readers

There are users who strongly dislike the new aspect ratio. The reasons can be different: from 'I just don't like it' to 'I want to watch TV shows in full screen, without stripes on the sides'. In this case, you should not look at the new flagships at all, since the era of '16: 9 'in flagships is rapidly leaving. Better to pick up something from last year's devices while they are still on the shelves.

3. PWM hurts your eyes

Top 10 Reasons Not To Buy Galaxy S9 / S9 + According To Readers

Samsung's pulse width modulation (PWM) causes flickering. Moreover, at high brightness, it is impossible (or extremely difficult) to notice this flicker, but at low brightness there are already options. Therefore, if you like to read in the dark (which in itself is not very good for the eyes) or have experience using more or less new Super AMOLED screens and know that they hurt your eyes, S9 / S9 + will not work. Choose a smartphone with an IPS screen. At the same time, readers in the dark should pay attention to such characteristics as the minimum screen brightness (for example, it was especially emphasized at the presentation Xiaomi Mi 6).

4. Screen bending – it is inconvenient to glue glass

Top 10 Reasons Not To Buy Galaxy S9 / S9 + According To Readers

It's no secret that glass smartphones can be shattered. And if the manufacturer has made an unbreakable screen (Shatter Shield), then this automatically leads to the fact that such a screen is easily scratched. In order to protect themselves from two misfortunes at once, users glue protective glasses (it is clear that this is not a panacea, but the chances of avoiding problems increase). But here's the bad luck: if protective glass for a flat screen costs ridiculous money, then with curved screens the situation is different. The controversy continues to this day: some say that glass cannot be glued to the entire screen in principle, while others say that there are glasses, they are simply very expensive. In any case, there is no simple and cheap protection for curved screens and is not expected.

5. Samsung is slow to update OS versions

Top 10 Reasons Not To Buy Galaxy S9 / S9 + According To Readers

The alpha version Android P is already presented, and the Galaxy S8 / S8 + is just getting Android O. Galaxy S7 users froze in anticipation. For those who are used to being the first to receive updates to the new version Android (regardless of what it actually gives), Samsung is by no means the best option.

6. No innovation

Top 10 Reasons Not To Buy Galaxy S9 / S9 + According To Readers

S9 / S9 + is just an evolution of S8 / S8 + and Note 8. Bugs have been corrected, everything has become a little better. But if you need a revolution, for example, a fingerprint sensor and / or a front camera built into the screen, then there is nothing like this here. As there is, for example, unlocking with the analysis of the owner's voice.

7. Soiled and slippery

The glass case gives a beautiful appearance in the shop window, but there are also negative aspects in life: the devices are instantly covered with fingerprints, and can also slip out of the hands. There is always a way out in the form of using covers, but what about those who do not like covers? Unclear…

8. No radio (IrDA)

Despite the fact that the filling of the device is the most modern today, it does not contain many things that are usual for much cheaper devices: FM-radio or IrDA. Samsung has long abandoned this in flagships and is clearly not going to return it.

9. No bright colors

Top 10 Reasons Not To Buy Galaxy S9 / S9 + According To Readers

Remember the emerald green Galaxy S6 Edge? It immediately attracted attention and was unlike any other device on the market. I would love to see the S9 in this color, but no – nothing of the kind is presented.

10. Sufficient apparatus is cheaper

Top 10 Reasons Not To Buy Galaxy S9 / S9 + According To Readers

Even if we admit that the devices are worth their money and this money is available, the question of the expediency of the purchase still remains. Not every user really wants the ultimate power or the best camera. The overwhelming majority can satisfy the good old Galaxy S7. The cats on Instagram will be very good, simple games will not slow down (and for complex ones, you can look for the American version of the device – at Qualcomm Snapdragon). What else does? Water resistant, wireless and fast charging are all in stock.


So is Samsung's new flagship worth buying? Or pay attention to your competitors? Or maybe the old device is not so bad, and there is no point in changing it, and it is better to wait for the new generation? As usual, everyone makes decisions based on their needs. And the listed disadvantages are critical for someone, but for someone they are completely insignificant.

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