What am I expecting from iPhone 11, but most likely I can't wait

On September 10, the company Apple will show three iPhone with the number 11 in the name, and a lot is already known about these devices. We came out with detailed material with all the leaks about them:

iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max: these will be the flagships Apple of 2019

But judging by the available data, the new items will not receive everything that I personally expect from them and millions of users around the world. We will talk about these things today.

USB-C connector

For many years now, Cupertin devices have been waiting for a complete transition to the USB-C connector, because it was Apple in 2015, having released a 12-inch MacBook, that became one of the first to start promoting this connector to the masses.

What am I expecting from iPhone 11, but most likely I can't wait

In 2016, the company's laptops switched to it, in 2018 – the iPad Pro line. And it seems it would be absolutely logical to transfer smartphones to a universal connector in 2019, but 90% of this will not happen.

What am I expecting from iPhone 11, but most likely I can't wait

Where do I see the advantages of switching iPhone to USB-C:

  • Full compatibility of charging blocks and cables between all the current devices of the company – you can carry one set to charge all your gadgets.
  • There is no need to additionally purchase expensive USB-C to Lightning cables, since the choice of cables with USB-C on both sides is much wider.
  • Higher chances of finding a cable among colleagues, fellow travelers or staff of cafes, restaurants, hotels, if your own was forgotten or out of order.
  • 'Cheap' ability to connect any external peripherals either directly via USB-C or via 'penny' USB-A to USB-C adapters.

The versatility in terms of connectors is a boon for everyone, and I hope the world comes to it someday. But apparently not in the iPhone sample of 2019.

Dual physical SIM cards

Recently I tried to remember at least one smartphone, in addition to iPhone, which is officially sold in Russia and has only one physical slot for a SIM card, and did not remember. Correct in the comments if you know one.

What am I expecting from iPhone 11, but most likely I can't wait

Last year Apple finally gave up and released iPhone with two physical SIM cards, but sales of this model were limited to the Chinese and Hong Kong markets. And this year, unfortunately, there are no preconditions for dual-SIM models to appear outside these countries. And if the implementation of eSIM appears in Russia, then not earlier than the announcement iPhone 12.

Everyone has their own advantages of a two-SIM smartphone, but personally, it would be much more comfortable for me to travel the world if I could use a foreign SIM card at the same time, staying in touch with my main number.

Front ultra wide-angle camera

iPhone 11 with the Pro prefix will receive a third wide-angle main camera module, and this is definitely a plus. Although it seems to me that the ability to shoot with a wide angle would be much more useful for a front camera. I think about this every time I want to capture myself against the background of some landmark, and my face barely fits into the lens on my outstretched arm, not to mention interesting objects behind.

What am I expecting from iPhone 11, but most likely I can't wait

It's strange that among the first-tier flagships, only Google is promoting a wide-angle selfie camera. Although, in the struggle for the maximum screen area, manufacturers have outlined difficulties in general with the placement of the front camera, not to mention two. By the way, I would have had enough and one, but wide-angle. And you can agree with me or argue in the comments.

Fast wireless charging

Wireless charging appeared in iPhone relatively recently, but it hasn't really gotten really fast. The supported power of 7.5W in iPhone 8 / X / XS / XR can hardly be called comfortable when the smartphone is charged even on an expensive and certified wireless site for 3 hours or more. Personally, I only have the patience in the case of overnight wireless charging, and during the day I prefer to plug a cable into the device and connect it to a unit with USB PD support.

What am I expecting from iPhone 11, but most likely I can't wait

Xiaomi Mi 9 supports wireless charging up to 20W, current Samsung flagships and Huawei – 15W. This allows you to charge smartphones even wirelessly in 1.5-2 hours, and this is what I would like to get from iPhone. But in iPhone 11 we will get only reverse Qi-charging, but fast charging for the smartphone itself is unlikely.

Screen without cutout

iPhone 11 will not receive any changes in the design of the front panel, which means, for the third year in a row, you will have to admire the Face ID sensor system. Judging by the latest leaks, Face ID will become faster and more accurate, and will also be able to recognize a face even if the smartphone is on the table. But the cutout itself will not go anywhere, and against the background of other Android flagships, even Chinese ones, iPhone 11 will look old-fashioned.

What am I expecting from iPhone 11, but most likely I can't wait

In 2 years with iPhone X I was able to get used to the notch almost everywhere, but when watching videos and reading e-books it continues to annoy me. I hope that at least in the 2020 lineup Apple he will figure out how to get rid of it.

Always On Display

iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max will be the third generation of smartphones Apple with OLED – display, but without Always On Display. This is very strange, considering that all the main competitors in the face of Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi have had this feature for a long time.

What am I expecting from iPhone 11, but most likely I can't wait


On the one hand, while only a few pilot zones 5G have been launched in Russia at unknown frequencies, support 5G, in general, is not really needed. But on the other hand, when you buy the most expensive smartphone on the market, you want to be fully prepared for the next generation of mobile communications.

What am I expecting from iPhone 11, but most likely I can't wait

As far as I know, several smartphones with support 5G will soon go on sale in Russia at once, while the owners iPhone will have to wait at least a year. So it will be impossible to test 5G on iPhone 11 neither on Tverskaya with Tele2, nor in Moscow City with MegaFon, nor in Kronstadt with MTS.


These were my 7 points that I will miss in iPhone 11, and then I propose to supplement this list in the comments. Write what you expect from the new products at the September presentation, maybe it will come true!

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