What is Apple good, 'Samsung' – death?

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What is Apple good, 'Samsung' - death?

This year Samsung is trying to replicate the successful sales of iPhone from Apple. This is not surprising given that the Korean company has copied iPhone in various aspects for many years. Looking back, it was the right decision that paid off beautifully in getting Samsung to make all the best devices, which in turn forced Apple to make the best iPhone.

However, Samsung had to discover an unexpected fact: fans Android are very different from fans iPhone.

It took Apple years to start producing iPhone larger sizes, but when this finally happened, the design of these units went on for several years without any significant changes. And rival smartphone makers were keen to emulate the design iPhone 6 as copying iPhone remained relevant.

The following iPhones were almost complete copies of their predecessor. The same design was used over and over again until the first significant difference in appearance appeared – this happened only with the release of iPhone X. As for other smartphones Apple, then iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 were just variations of iPhone 6, perhaps with some new chips that each new generation of devices introduced .

And despite this, Apple continued to sell iPhone in huge quantities, it even managed to increase the average price of an 'iPhone', which means that users preferred the larger device to the base model. Perhaps this is why Apple was not afraid of the psychological mark of a thousand dollars, setting the price tag on iPhone X.

Samsung, in turn, has tried to follow this strategy, but it seems that its efforts have been unsuccessful.

Unlike buyers iPhone who can't just pick and choose a different 'iPhone' from another company, there are many more options available to the devotees Android. The Galaxy S9 has some great alternatives on Android – and ironically, most of them copy iPhone X to one degree or another.

The Galaxy S9 series follows the Galaxy S8 in many ways, although they are not identical, and it is also one of the few flagships on Android that does not look like iPhone X. It has a chic design and much better specifications. What's more, the Plus model has a dual camera and costs more – just like the Plus models from Apple. In other words, the Galaxy S9 is, if you will, the Galaxy S8s. And also a part-time smartphone that you will look at if you are thinking of buying a top-end smartphone at Android this year.

However – a surprise! “Samsung has been unable to sell as many Galaxy S9s as it intended, and the company's reports reflect this. It turned out that they are not enough for those fans Android who want something new every year.

Samsung has reported four consecutive quarterly sales records, and this winning streak will end when the June 2018 quarterly results are announced.

Samsung has released its revenue forecast for the second quarter of this year, and the results paint a bleak picture of S9 sales. The company expects to post profit of 14.8 trillion won ($ 13.2 billion) and revenue of 58 trillion won ($ 51.8 billion) over the period. That's a 0.71 profit increase, but a 3 trillion won loss in sales from the same quarter last year, meaning Samsung fell short of expectations in the quarter that ended June 30.

Moreover, the numbers are notably worse than in the first quarter, when Samsung reported 15.64 trillion won in operating profit out of 60.56 trillion won in revenue.

Analysts expect Samsung to only manage to sell 31 million Galaxy S9s in 2018, far less than the company expected. Apparently, the Galaxy S7 will remain the company's best-selling smartphone (50 million units in the first year).

Samsung is also not justified by the general decline in the smartphone market. iPhone X isn't selling as planned in Apple, but it still makes Apple big bucks. The iPhone 8 line also sells very well, even though these smartphones look a lot like previous flagships. This is because many owners iPhone will continue to buy iPhone, even if it looks like the smartphone that was sold two or three years ago.

Smaller sales iPhone indirectly affect Samsung's revenue as the display division is the only supplier of those most expensive OLED screens for iPhone X.

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