What video player do you use?

Hello dear readers! Today I propose to discuss your favorite video players at Android.


I'll start traditionally with myself. A long time ago, when I just bought my first smartphone, I used MVideoPlayer as a player, because it could play video with hardware decoding (it was a rarity then) and had support for .ass subtitles. But as time went on, the share Android grew and gradually higher-quality players began to appear, among which was the very MX Player. It's funny to say, but then I hadn't worked for Mobile-Review yet, but I learned about the existence of the player from Andrey Zyabko, who wrote an article in our Android blog.

MX Player at that time (and even now) was just a fairy tale: support for most popular codecs, mkv container, the ability to work with multiple audio tracks, reading all types of subtitles, adjusting the size and time of subtitles, and of course a simple user-friendly interface. I bought a paid version of this application at one time to thank the developer, and I still use it. Unfortunately, due to problems with the owners of the rights to DTS / AC3 ​​codecs, they were removed in the latest versions of the player. However, codecs can be downloaded from the same w3bsit3-dns.com, this is not a particular problem.

I use Dice Player with MX Player, it sometimes works better when playing some video files.


VLC somehow didn't work, so although I know about it, I don't use it myself. However, somehow I read in the comments that you are using such old stuff, really ?! At the same time, the commentator then did not tell what kind of players he used himself, so this remained a mystery. And so I wondered if the readers share my love for MX Player? And if not, what analogs do they use? I ask you to tell us about this in the comments.

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