What's on my phone?

A simple text for the weekend about what programs or games are installed in my smartphone: why I chose them, pros and cons, tips. I divided the applications into categories so that it was convenient to understand what belongs to what.


Here I have placed the most specific programs related to the operation of a smartphone and not only.

  • Image App. Required to pair Panasonic cameras and smartphone. In it, you can remotely control the camera: select shooting modes, focus and other things. Updates are rare, so the program periodically crashes and glitches. Unfortunately, I did not find a more convenient option for synchronizing the camera and smartphone.
  • PhoneClone. It can be useful in case of migration from one phone to another. Migrates all data. Works great with machines Huawei. There is a 'cloning' of everything and everyone, including ringtones, desktop pictures, some settings.
  • 'Documents'. Google app. Used Microsoft Word and others, but 'Documents' turned out to be the easiest and fastest. As a rule, they are already installed on phones of some brands, for example, Huawei. Therefore, out of the box, you can watch files Doc, Docx and others. This is important for me, since the work is connected with writing texts. However, I rarely edit content on my smartphone.
  • Yandex.Disk. Since my mail is on Yandex, I use Disk. The service is simple, convenient, downloads and uploads files quickly. In addition, at one time Yandex gave me 200 GB for free due to the fact that updating the program on a PC could delete the system files of the operating system Windows.
  • 'Yandex translate'. Probably because he is an active user of Yandex services.

Social networks and mail

Naturally, I am an active user Twitter, 'VKontakte', Messenger from Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp.

The Telegram program serves mainly for work: in Mobile-Review, chats are created there for various tasks – advertising, general chat, news, and more. It didn't work to transplant parents and relatives – they stayed on WhatsApp. On the one hand, it is inconvenient due to the constant synchronization of data when changing the phone, and on the other hand, there is Telegram for work and there is WhatsApp for friends.

In Messenger, only work. For some reason, communications with company representatives take place either by mail or in the attachment from Facebook.

Of course there is Instagram. I maintain both my account and my Mobile-Review account.

The main mail is 'Yandex'. Once upon a time I got an address and have been using it ever since. Applications for working with mail are also from 'Yandex'. Tried others, but they turned out to be almost complete copies of my program.


Almost all current taxi services are installed on my phone:

  • Yandex. Because it works stably, because there is always a taxi, because the application is convenient. Despite the pluses, there is an obvious minus – the price. It is usually higher than that of other services. I call mainly in case of emergency.
  • Gett. I rarely use it, mainly for the delivery of something. And then, if you need it urgently: within 5 minutes there is a car, the driver delivers the order from one apartment to another. Conveniently.
  • Uber. I almost always use it. Because it's cheap.
  • 'Citymobil'. Often you have to choose this taxi. The price is adequate, there are a lot of cars.
  • InDrive. One of the main programs for calling a taxi. Convenient because you specify the prices. You can enter the minimum cost, however, sometimes it takes a long time to wait for such a car. The service is attractive for its low price for long trips.

Press tours

The folder with the attachments necessary for the press tour is called 'PRESS TOURS'. What's in it:

  • 'Google Translate'
  • 'Yandex translate'
  • 'Google maps'
  • 'Yandex maps'. I rarely use it on trips, since the information is weak for Europe.
  • MAPS.ME. The most successful maps for a trip to Europe. Good detail, accurate and up-to-date information, better routes hiking routes than Google maps.
  • 'My MTS'. To know everything that happens to my SIM card account.
  • Aeroflot. Just in case, it reminds you of the dates and times of flights.
  • Specific programs like Barcelona, ​​IFA and so on.

Photo / video

Despite the fact that I am fond of taking photos and videos, there are not so many information processing programs installed on my smartphone:

  • Snapseed. Well, because the best!
  • Photogrid. Once upon a time I signed up for it (60 rubles a year) and edit collages without advertising. Yes, there are free programs, but it is in Photogrid that this is done as conveniently as possible, there are many settings.
  • Beauty Plus. Sometimes you need to make a portrait 'beautiful' with one button. This is exactly what this program helps to do 'beautifully'. There are subtle settings: narrow nose, dark circles under the eyes, bleach, skin tone, contour, elimination of skin imperfections, etc.
  • Lightroom. Heavy application, but it allows you to edit RAW files. Can it come in handy once a year?
  • GoPro (QuickStory). A very simple but cool program for making short clips with great effects.

What's on my phone?

Other applications

I put programs here that don't quite fit into the above categories:

  • 'Avito'. A platform for selling something. I rarely use it because of the inconvenient menu structure, editing ads, high prices, and more.
  • 'Yula'. The main program for selling things. Recently, I began to demand a lot of donation, advertising appeared in messages. Constantly on all OS and different models of smartphones, notifications work crookedly: I almost always miss messages. Then why am I using it? Because it is very simple, convenient, everything is done according to the mind.
  • 'Yandex.Music'. Streaming service. Not so long ago I connected a subscription to Plus: there was a promotion for 99 rubles. It's not that I'm a big fan of music, but it's convenient when traveling, and at home I watch movies and series on TV through KinoPoisk.
  • 'VkusVill'. For 5 years I have been an active customer in this chain of stores. Achievements: Milk Boy, Milk Lieutenant, Warrant Officer, Milk Admiral, Cheese Sculptor, Gingerbread Man, Explorer, Lucky. Why VkusVill? Because the food is natural (you can argue with this, but at least the composition is good), there is a 'Favorite product' with a 20% discount, there is a discount on all products (up to 10% for the whole month), always friendly sellers, always clean in stores, everything is always fresh. And most importantly, any product can be returned without explanation, of course, within the expiration date.
  • 'Pharmacy.ru'. Convenient service for ordering medicines at low prices (about 10-30% cheaper than in an average pharmacy). Free delivery to pick-up points within 1-3 days. Cancellation at any time, plus all the goods will be waiting for you at the pick-up point for 5 days. There is a point system: 'A lot of ru' or 'Vitamins' (10 vitamins = 1%). Frankly speaking, it is not very effective: you need to collect goods by 10 thousand to get a real discount. Usually one to two percent.
  • 'Mu Mu'. Accumulation of points in the 'Mu-Mu' restaurant chain. Inexpensive, tasty, home-style. You can link a bank card to the application, then it is easy to pay for the order with a QR code at the checkout. Points are awarded enough to eat 4-5 times for 500-700 rubles, and the 6th time for points.


I already wrote about them in a separate article. As a rule, these are quick games, those on which you spend a minimum of time. For example, Guns of Boom.

The best co-op shooter?

I tried PUBG, but there you are either a dead body in the first minute, or you can run around the map for a long time in search of units. I also play World War Heroes sometimes. But it is somewhat primitive, although it offers very cool sound effects, good quality graphics and quite peppy gameplay.


As you can see, the set of applications is actually small. Basically – everything you need. Of course, the most commonly used ones are Telegram, WhatsApp, Yandex.Mail, Yandex.Browser and a few other obvious programs.

What is your TOP-10 smartphone apps?

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