When the lights were turned off

Last week, the electricity in our apartment was turned off twice for two to three hours. Since this was last over 15 years ago, it was interesting to note how much behavior has changed in such situations and to discuss the difference.

As it was before

As a child, I lived in a communal apartment on Novokuznetskaya, the power outage was stable once every two or three months, and we are already used to it. Mom had several thick candles, we put them in the room, cooked something hot in the kitchen (we had a gas stove) and at the family dinner waited for the electricity to turn on. To be honest, such situations caused a fair amount of discomfort.

Like now

After turning off the light this time, I was confused for literally two or three minutes and almost immediately came up with a further plan of action. Instead of candles, I took out an external battery with a built-in flashlight, pulled out my laptop, distributed the Internet from my smartphone and continued working. Despite the sudden shutdown, I barely lost any data, as the Pages backup saves a copy every few minutes. The laptop was almost completely discharged, but I have three external batteries at home, and I easily recharged it via the Type C cable.

If I didn't need to work at this moment, I could play something from an iPhone, read from an e-book, or find myself some entertainment on a tablet.

To provide light in the bathroom and toilet, I took two motion-sensitive night lights from Xiaomi. They were usually hung in the hallway, but they were easy to remove and move to the desired location.

In general, despite the lack of light, my traditional life was practically not disturbed in any way. True, I don't know what would have happened if the base station had also turned off, but, fortunately, this did not happen.


I caught myself thinking that, on the one hand, now turning off the light causes much less irritation, and on the other hand, we are much more tied to various electronics and can tolerate the lack of electricity worse. I also remembered that I had heard about special bulbs with built-in batteries. When the lights are turned off, they can run on batteries. I thought it would be nice to buy these.

But in 'Posidelki' I first of all do not share my thoughts, but I ask you questions, dear readers. And today's question sounds like this: how do you behave when you turn off the lights at home? What life hacks do you use? Are you very worried? Do you feel a big difference compared to 15-20 years ago?

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