Why I use Google Play Music

I want to tell you about one convenient and useful service – Google Play Music.


With the passage of time, Internet technologies have ceased to develop as rapidly as ten years ago. We have already reached the level of development when wireless Internet has become something commonplace, and many household devices have already gained the ability to go online: computers, tablets, game consoles, TVs, refrigerators, multicooker and even kettles. If some device does not yet have access to the Internet, then soon the manufacturers will correct this misunderstanding.

Telecom operators are also becoming more humane, and almost everyone can afford a good tariff for mobile Internet. Today we can easily watch streaming video in high quality even from a mobile device over 4G, not to mention music. Today there are a large number of services for listening to music over the Internet: Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Google Play Music, not particularly legal VKontakte, and many others.

Streaming music services


Today I want to talk about streaming music services using the example of Google Play Music, because our site is still dedicated to Android. Although all of the above services can be found on Google Play, even Apple Music.

Many people wonder: why use streaming music services at all? Everyone has their own reasons for this. Someone basically uses exclusively licensed content. Others appreciate the convenience and want to keep their music library in sync across all devices. Also Apple Music and Play Music have their own collections of music and radio, which allows you to constantly find new interesting compositions.


I've tried Play Music and Apple Music for comparison. To be honest, I did not notice much difference between them, except for some nuances, which I will talk about a little later. Initially, Play Music's selections suffered a lot, but over time this point was corrected, and the service began to recommend more suitable music. I did not notice any serious differences in the quality of music, almost all the compositions that interest me are everywhere.

The cost

A monthly subscription on Google Play costs 159 rubles per month, and in Apple Music – 169 rubles. Google gives you the opportunity to use the service for free for a whole month, however Apple in this regard turned out to be more generous – they give three free months. In both cases, a prerequisite for using the trial period is the connection of a bank card, and after the expiration of the term, the money will be debited independently. It will be like this every month.


The difference in terms is, in principle, small, but three free months from Apple are definitely catchy. After all, this way you can create a new account every three months and use legal music absolutely free. But as for me, the cost of the subscription is already very reasonable.

By the way, Play Music, even without a subscription, allows you to upload up to 50,000 mp3 files (songs) to the cloud and listen to them from any device.

Why Play Music?

The main reason is habit. I have been using music from Google for a long time and I personally have not found any reason to switch to another service. After all Apple Music hasn't brought anything new to the streaming music market. And besides, you will have to transfer your entire music library. It should be noted here that in Play Music you can download your songs from a personal computer and from iTunes as well.


The main advantage of Play Music is the web version of the player. To listen to music in Apple Music, iTunes must be installed on your computer – this imposes some restrictions. You can listen to Play Music from any computer, you just need to log in to the site using your Google account.


Also, from the pleasant features of Play Music, I can note that you can download ready-made music collections to your phone for different moods or for different activities. Then you don't have to waste time picking up music, for example, for a run.


Stone in the Garden Apple Music – their application for Android was developed with obvious hack. Only the lazy one didn't scold him, but the company fenced itself off from all claims, because it is in beta status. Half year already. It is fair to say that after the announcement, the application began to work much better, but still the problems with stability and optimization have not gone away.


Choosing a music streaming service is pretty straightforward: if you have devices on Android and Windows, your choice is Google Play, iOS and Mac – Apple Music. Although no one bothers you to listen to Apple Music on Android and vice versa. Try both services, because each has its pros and cons, moreover, in both cases, you can use the trial period and determine your favorite yourself.

Please tell us in the comments which music streaming service do you prefer and use them in general?

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