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When I use iOS, I regularly go to the App Store to see what's new there and sometimes even download something, but this has never happened in the Play Store, and here's why ..

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The thing is that Google makes collections that are not interesting. How many times have I looked through them and never found anything interesting for myself. On the main page, there is always a list of popular applications that are either already downloaded or, in principle, irrelevant (for example, the official application of Channel One). New items in the collections appear quite rarely and the only opportunity to find something interesting is the announcement of a software package for 10-20 rubles. That is, all sorts of sales. At the same time, when I go to the App Store, about once every two weeks its main page is completely updated, various digests of new applications, announcements of new products, collections timed to any events, etc. appear. I can't help but note that such a difference in approaches is very frustrating and I would like Google to be more careful about filling its main page.

And now it became interesting to me, only I cannot find anything suitable on the pages of the Play Store or do you, dear readers, also face this problem?

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