Again about entertainment on trips

Recently I had a long flight from Moscow to Taipei and back, during which I tried to limit myself to one smartphone with a large screen size instead of several gadgets and wanted to share my impressions of this decision, and at the same time ask you about it.

Usually on a trip, in addition to my laptop, I take a iPad mini, Kindle Paperwhite and a smartphone with headphones. But at the customs control, each time they had to lay out this entire large set, then fold it back, and in the backpack, besides them, there were many other things, between which the gadgets were neatly packed. As a result, you lay out the devices, secretly everything inside the backpack mixes up and then you have to put everything back. And, in principle, the compact version of the all-in-one looked much more practical. It turned out that your own comfort zone along the diagonal of the display can be perfectly reduced from eight to 5.5 inches, and then there are solid benefits: no unnecessary gadgets, no extra weight in a backpack, no fuss at customs control. True, as I said in the last issue of iOS vs Android, the viewing comfort was spoiled by the absence of the WoodFrame, which I forgot at home.

So I wanted to ask you, dear readers, what do you do during long flights or trips? Watching movies? Are you reading? Do you listen to music? Do you take an additional gadget for entertainment or is your smartphone enough for everything?

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