Android add-ons available for Google Docs and Sheets

Google announced the availability of a new tool for working with documents and spreadsheets on the platform Android – add-ons for the applications of the same name that are designed to help business people on a journey where their main means of accessing their documents is their mobile devices.


The new tool, or rather, a way of connecting new tools, including those from third-party developers, to existing applications for working with documents and spreadsheets, should expand their existing capabilities, for example, in the form of creating an electronic signature, extracting CRM data into their tables with their subsequent analysis over a morning cup of coffee.

A new section is available in the Google Play app store with the following add-ons, among which you can find:

  • DocuSign – the ability to start or request the process of electronic signature of documents with their subsequent saving on cloud services
  • ProsperWorks – import of CRM data with the possibility of further analysis in tables, reports and graphs
  • AppSheet – Provides the ability to create an application based on tabular data without the need for programming training
  • Scanbot – adding functions for converting graphic information into text (OCR scanner)

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