Android One smartphones enter the Philippines market

Google notes that it is not always easy to get a good smartphone at a low price in the Philippines. So the company hopes to change this by working with top partners Cherry Mobile and MyPhone to bring Android One smartphones to the Philippine market.


Users of this Asian country will have access to smartphones such as Cherry One and MyPhone Uno, which will go on sale in the coming weeks, offering affordable phones with the latest version Android (Lollipop).

In addition to the latest version of the operating system, these smartphone models offer their future owners to take advantage of the capabilities of two cameras (front and main on the back), a slot for a microSD memory card and two slots for a SIM card. In addition, for them, by default, data compression will be available in the Chrome browser, and for YouTube – offline video viewing mode. In addition, with the launch of the Android One line of smartphones, in the Philippines, in cooperation with Google and local mobile operators, special rates will be launched to reduce the cost of OTA updates and downloads for smartphone owners. applications from the Google Play online store.

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