Best cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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Immediately after the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, all kinds of protective cases for the device appeared – these are Seldio SURFACE Case, Case-Mate Naked Tough Case, and Samsung S-View Flip Cover, to name just a few. Each case has its own properties, and it is difficult to unconditionally pick a few of the best examples. Therefore, here is only a variant of the top 5 cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and of course, the owners of this device can offer their options in the comments. Go.

Best cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Best cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

This case has an unusual design and functions to protect your device from various influences. Combines a smooth base and polyurethane overlays throughout the case for a comfortable grip. What's especially good is that the case is not very thick, as we all prefer our phones not to grow too big when in a case.

What you will appreciate is the simplicity – no extra layers, built-in screens or stands. Pure constructiveness is what distinguishes this case – coupled with the distinctive symmetrical pattern, of course. It's easy to put on and take off the case, and you'll never have a problem getting your Note 4 out of your pocket.


Best cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

A case from the manufacturer of the device is no different from a case from a third-party manufacturer – in the sense that the former can cope with its task in the same way – protecting the device – or maybe not. Samsung has done something cool. This case combines polycarbonate and polyurethane, so much so that it beats the original shape of the Note 4. Well, for its contents it can be called thin.

The outer layer is polyurethane, which is used for impact resistance, that is, coping with the main cause of damage to devices. What's more, it enhances your grip by insuring you against unpleasant moments when you might drop your device. In the center, we see a mesh-knit plastic that feels much smoother than it looks. It will help in the event that your Note 4, despite the polyurethane, is inconvenient to get out of your pocket. Plus a ledge on the front to protect the display from contact with surfaces. Plus, the case leaves access to the camera, ports and side buttons.


Best cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

We couldn't leave one of the most requested Galaxy Note 4 cases outside the list. Yes, we're talking about Spigen Slim Armor. Everything you need is here, including double layer, light thickness and a stand to watch your favorite movies anywhere.

Spigen cases are loved by users for meeting all their expectations. Here, the inner layer is made of polyurethane membranes, which allow the impact to be distributed throughout the case instead of being concentrated in one place. The corners made with Air Cushion Technology complement the polyurethane base. You can rest easy behind the camera and display, which are protected from contact with various surfaces by projections. There are 6 colors to choose from, so you can find the one that best suits your machine.


Best cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Not as thick as the OtterBox, but in no way inferior in protective properties. The dual-layered case can keep the Note 4 safe from damage, and this 'rugged' aesthetic has a lot of fans.

The comfort of the grip increases incredibly, the unique protected case of the case and textured pads on the sides make it almost impossible for you to drop the device. Each corner is additional protection. On the surface, the case seems heavy, but in fact, it weighs surprisingly little and does not increase the dimensions for such a design. The set includes a screen protector (not built-in). The colors include 'ice', 'rust' and 'white'.


Best cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The last one in our top, despite the fact that the flip-top form factor is not the most popular among users, especially for large devices. However, in this case, the window allows you to use the main functions – working with notifications, receiving and hanging up calls, taking pictures. And that's great.

Another great feature is the wireless charging capability. The back of the case replaces the battery cover, making it possible to use any Qi-standard charging mats. Opening the cover automatically turns on the screen. When closed, the S-View window is activated for a short time. In terms of design, the leather-like PU fits perfectly in the hand and looks even better. There are no pockets for notes inside. However, this case is still superior to many of its brothers.

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