BlackBerry Venice – Android keyboard, 'Blackberry'!

I just wanted to ask you, but in general, how interesting can such a device be now, a slider, and even with a keyboard? Blackberry's transition to Android seems quite logical, this OS is universal, familiar to many users, it is easier to maintain, develop and create your own shell if necessary. So far, the photo shows that there is a regular Android


From what I certainly liked personally, the back surface here is made of carbon look, beautiful, it would still have the feel of the Q10. The perforation under the display is beautifully made, the curved glass resembles iPhone, but in general the device has its own face. Despite the presence of the keyboard, it is rather thin; there is a place for a memory card slot on the top end (hello Samsung). The presence of a keyboard raises the most questions for me, units need it now and no one really likes to remember the past. Modern virtual keyboards are more convenient for typing. A very controversial decision, apparently, Blackberry once again wants to emphasize that this is Blackberry and not something else.

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