Do you use Google+?

In today's issue, I decided to ask you, dear readers, if you use the social network Google+?


Originally there was a different topic planned for this week, but I was flipping through the feed, reading articles and saw the 'Share on Google+' icon. “I wonder how many of our readers actually go there?” I myself periodically repost on my Google+ page and see that several people always 'plus' and repost them, some even comment. But when I ask my friends and acquaintances, they all answer that either they are simply registered there, or they do not know about this social network at all. At the same time, I am aware that the most advanced part of users Android still use G +, like Hangouts.

I myself look into the Google+ feed probably once a month, not more often. I used to use it as a platform for publishing my thoughts on non-mobile topics, but then a standalone blog appeared for these things, after that I completely abandoned G +.

What do you say, dear readers? Do you have a Google+ account? Are you using the network itself or are you purely nominally present?

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