Google has released an update Android N Developer Preview 2

Google has announced the release of its new version Android codenamed Android N, which was introduced last month and is still in beta testing, and is still available in the developer version. Preview 2.

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In the new release, according to the company, bugs such as the inability to connect to hidden Wi-Fi networks (AOSP 203116), the suspension of multi-window display (AOSP 203424), the closing of direct replies (Direct Reply) in open actions (AOSP 204411) and etc.

In addition, this release introduces new features:

  • Vulkan is a new 3D rendering API aimed at providing accurate, low-overhead GPU (graphics processing unit) control to developers and offering significant performance gains when rendering in heavy applications. Vulkan cuts CPU overhead by delivering a 10x performance boost in synthetic benchmarks when handling render calls on a single core compared to OpenGL ES. And in combination with a convenient multithreaded API, which allows you to use multiple processor cores in parallel with high efficiency, it just gives a significant increase in performance when rendering in heavy applications.
  • Launcher shortcuts: Apps can now define action shortcuts that users can use in the GUI to speed up access to some features of the app itself. For example, a user can create a desktop shortcut to include a specific TV channel from an online TV viewer.
  • Unicode 9 Emoji Support: Native support for Unicode 9 emoji graphic emoticons, including display and keyboard input.
  • Some changes in the API.
  • Bug fixes.

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