Google introduced a new version of the mobile OS – Android M Developer Preview

Google has officially unveiled a new version of its mobile operating system, code-named Android M, which is currently available in developer preview at the annual Google I / O developer conference that opens today.


Let us remind you that the preliminary version (Android M Developer Preview) is not final and by the time of release it may either acquire new functionality or get rid of some unnecessary functions. This release is intended primarily for software developers, so that they can prepare their programs for the release of a new version Android. In addition, the developers of the operating system themselves want to receive feedback on their new product at the pre-release stage in order to correct possible errors and make changes to the functionality.

Among the innovations Android M the following is indicated:

  • Managing users of app permissions: If during the execution of the app it asks for additional permissions (for example, access to the microphone), the user will receive a notification asking whether or not to allow the corresponding access. At the same time, application developers must take care in the program code of their programs that users can refuse certain system privileges in the application.
  • App links: Designed to facilitate communication between apps.
  • Battery: The operating system Android M is getting smarter – using motion sensors, it detects whether the device is left unattended or not. If the device is idle for a while, the system underestimates the activity of background applications, thereby increasing the total operating time of the device.
  • Now on tap: The Google search function built into the operating system Android has now received extended functionality – without leaving the application, the user can get help information (for example, a friend invited you to a restaurant in a chat, and a user may ask Google how good it is for reviews).
    cropped_now_on_tap (1)
  • Android Pay & Fingerprint: system-level support for the fingerprint scanner and its use in payment systems along with the NFC module.

In addition, a new version of the developer toolkit Android Studio v1.3 Preview is available for developers. Operating system images Android M Developer Previews are available for download from Google for devices such as the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Nexus Player.

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