Google Introduces Voice Control Program Android

Google has announced a new voice control program Voice Access for devices running the operating system Android, which is currently in beta version in English with limited access for download.


Voice Access, after installation, will appear as one of the additional items in the 'Accessibility' section in the device settings. After activating Voice Access in the system settings, the actual voice control of the device will appear.

There are two ways to activate voice control – after the phrase 'Ok, Google' say 'Start Voice Access' or using the button (the option is set in the Voice Access settings), which will be constantly on the display of the device, even on the lock screen.

The very same voice control is carried out using commands and gesture phrases, a complete list of which is given in the Voice Access manual, as well as using digital tags, which are automatically assigned to menu items currently displayed on the device screen.

It should be noted that Voice Access uses the 'Google Now' voice search capabilities built into Android, which implies the need for online access for the device.

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