HUAWEI P30 Pro named EISA Best Smartphone of the Year

HUAWEI announced that it has received the 'Best EISA Smartphone 2019-2020' award for the HUAWEI P30 Pro from the European Association of Audio and Video Magazines (EISA), which is a member of 55 reputable consumer electronics media. HUAWEI emphasizes that it has won this category for the second year in a row.

HUAWEI P30 Pro named EISA Best Smartphone of the Year

EISA named the HUAWEI P30 Pro's best low-light photography capabilities to date. The Association also praised the ultra-wide-angle module, portrait mode and 5x telephoto periscope lens.

Li Changzhu, Vice President of Mobile Division, HUAWEI Consumer Business Group:

“Another award from EISA is a great honor for us and we are delighted that the P30 Pro smartphone has received recognition. HUAWEI's goal is for each device to provide consumers with a new, better smartphone photography experience, pushing the boundaries of mobile cameras with the latest technology. '

Recall that this smartphone is equipped with a Leica system with four cameras, including a 40 MP main camera with a HUAWEI spectral sensor, a 20 MP ultra-wide angle module, an 8 MP telephoto lens, and a ToF camera. The 40MP main camera and optical (OIS) and intelligent (AIS) image stabilization systems produce rich and clear photos, while the superzoom lens, thanks to the periscope design, provides high-quality 5x optical zoom. The smartphone also has a 10x hybrid zoom and 50x digital zoom.

EISA members are specialized media from over 30 countries that cover all segments of consumer electronics. Each Representative participates in at least one of the six EISA Expert Groups: Photography, Mobile Devices, Hi-Fi, Home Theater Audio, Home Theater Screens and Videos, and Automotive Electronics. Each year, EISA members compile a list of products that they believe perform well in each of the six categories. The products are then presented at the annual general meeting of EISA, members of the association carefully consider the nominees and vote for the winner in each category.

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