Huawei reveals plans for which smartphones it will launch next year

The head of the European office of the Chinese company Huawei Walter Yi (Walter Ji) in an interview with the German edition Android PIT, in which he shared with the plans of his company for 2019 and what it will offer the user market of mobile devices .

As for future smartphones, Walter Yee said that this year the company has already presented smartphones in which three front cameras were installed at once, so the logical continuation, he believes, is an increase in their numbers, and next year the world will see the device already with four lenses for the front camera. Also, four cameras will be installed on the back side of the smartphone, while four lenses for the main camera in the smartphone Huawei next year is not the limit, and we may expect a model with even more cameras than 4. In addition In addition, the head of the European division Huawei noted that 3x and even 5x zoom in modern smartphone cameras is no longer enough, so the company is working to bring to the market a model with a camera that will lens with 10x optical zoom.

It was also confirmed that early next year, the company Huawei will introduce a smartphone with support for fifth generation networks (5G) and a model with a flexible display. But, as for inexpensive budget smartphones, Huawei are not going to release those under their own brand and this will apparently remain the prerogative of its youth sub-brand Honor. As for 'clean' Android and 'Android One' platform in smartphones Huawei, Walter Yee also responded negatively, adding that the proprietary EMUI user interface will remain in all models of her company.

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