HUAWEI unveils HUAWEI P30 Pro smartphone in two new colors

The Chinese company HUAWEI showed the updated flagship smartphone HUAWEI P30 Pro at the international exhibition IFA 2019 – now it is offered in two new colors and will support updated photo and video editing functions and work under the new EMUI10 shell.

The updated HUAWEI P30 Pro comes in two new colors – Mystic Blue and Misty Lavender.

HUAWEI unveils HUAWEI P30 Pro smartphone in two new colors

As noted by the manufacturer, in the new design of the HUAWEI P30 Pro, a smooth transition between a glossy and matte surface is noticeable. The upper part of the case has a glossy finish, while the lower part is matte to prevent fingerprints.

The updated photo shooting and editing functionality includes the following:

HUAWEI P30 Pro's Night Mode has been updated with a new feature for the front camera, which uses a dedicated portrait-creation algorithm to sharpen facial features in night photos. At the same time, the brightness of the light source in the background is reduced and the detail in dark areas is improved. The device allows you to take pictures in low light conditions thanks to support for the ISO 409 600 standard.

The new HUAWEI Vlog AI editing mode allows you to create music videos using photos and videos from the gallery. The user can customize the finished video by adding their favorite music, filters, effects or other videos.

The updated portrait mode provides a professional 'bokeh' effect. The ToF camera, combined with an artificial intelligence algorithm, allows you to accurately determine the depth of field and get images with blurred backgrounds and high details of the model's face and figure.

And on top of that, HUAWEI P30 series users around the world will be the first to upgrade to the new EMUI10 shell.

The global launch of the new HUAWEI P30 Pro is set for September 20th.

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