Lenovo cut the prices of their tablets, and Svyaznoy cut them even more

Literally today, on social networks, the company Lenovo has reduced prices for several interesting tablet models, let's talk about this reduction in more detail.


You know, I have already begun to describe in detail how much the price of each model has dropped, but I decided to first go to Yandex.Market to look at the characteristics and leave comments on prices taking into account the performance characteristics. And here on the market I saw interesting information: Svyaznoy has even lower prices for the same models. So for example Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 8 ″ is sold from Lenovo for 20,000 rubles at a new price, and in Svyaznoy it costs 17,000 rubles. Lenovo A7600 in the announcement costs 15,000 rubles, from Svyaznoy 13,500 rubles. Tab 2 10 ″ 25,000 rubles in branded retail, 23,000 rubles in Svyaznoy. But Lenovo Yoga Tab2 10 ″ Windows + Dock is there and there is the same.

Personally, I really like Tab 2 8 ″ and 10 ″, so if you are looking for a good and relatively inexpensive tablet with Android, be sure to pay attention to them, especially Tab 2 8 ″, for 17,000 rubles this is very good sentence.

As for the price reduction, I will allow myself to assume that due to the current situation in Svyaznoy this network is simply dumping, however, for us, as buyers, this is only a plus.

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