LG announced the start of sales in South Korea of ​​its new flagship LG G5

The South Korean company LG Electronics announced the start of sales in its homeland from March 31 this year, a new flagship modular smartphone LG G5, as well as replaceable modules for it.

LG - G5-startSale1

In addition to the smartphone itself, users will be able to purchase a replaceable photo module LG CAM Plus with an additional battery for 99 thousand South Korean won (~ 85 $), a battery module for 39 thousand South Korean won (~ 33.6 $), a module LG Hi-Fi Plus, представляющий собой портативный аудиоплеер с Hi-Fi ЦАП и созданный в сотрудничестве с компанией B&O PLAY, за 189 тыс. южнокорейских вонов (~162,7$), а также наушники H3 by B&O PLAY is discounted for KRW 279,000 (~ $ 240).

LG - G5-startSale2

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