LG introduced four new smartphones in the X-Series line

South Korean company LG Electronics has announced the expansion of its new X series product line, featuring an affordable price and the presence of the functionality of the flagship G and V series models, with four new smartphone models – X power, X mach, X style and X max, in which before that there were two previously announced models X cam and X screen.


As the manufacturer notes, each of the four new products has its own unique feature, which, according to the manufacturer, should attract its own group of buyers, for example, a larger battery capacity, a more efficient processor, a model with a larger display diagonal or noticeably distinguishing its appearance.


LG X power features a high-capacity battery (4100 mAh) and a thin body (7.9 mm), as well as a fast charging system (PE +), which, according to the company, provides half the battery charging time compared to a standard charger.

Smartphone LG X mach supports 4G LTE Cat. 9 3CA, powerful 1.8GHz processor, IPS Quantum QHD display and high-sensitivity camera with large pixel size (1.55μm).

LG The X style features an elegant appearance with curved, flowing lines and a very slim body. And the X max company LG equipped it with a large display, positioning the device as an ideal smartphone for viewing various multimedia content.

Prices and specific dates for the availability of each model in a specific market will be announced by the company later.

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