New Layout Tool and Application for Android

In March Instagram announced the launch of a new Layout application that allows you to collect multiple photos into one image. Starting today, Layout will be available to users Android. According to Instagram, one in five monthly active users shares in Instagram precisely combined photos, collages.


In addition, users Instagram now have access to the new Structure feature, a new creative tool from Instagram to enhance detail and texture in a photo. Structure is included in today's update from Instagram to Android, a version for iOS will be available soon.

How Layout works:

When Layout is opened, standard layouts are automatically displayed at the same time the user selects a photo from the gallery. The user can change the order of photos by dragging them, enlarge and adjust the size of photos by stretching the borders of the photo for the perfect composition. You can get creative with original arrangements and mirror effects by tilting and rotating your photo.

  1. Faces
    • Instagram created the 'Faces' tab to allow users to group photos with different people. 'Faces' displays all photos from your gallery that have people.
    • 90% of collage photos on Instagram show people, ordinary photos show people in 50% of cases.
  2. Mirror
    • The developers Instagram analyzed that users Instagram are showing increasing interest in mirror images and made sure that they have the ability to easily create such photos.
    • This is why a special 'Mirror' function has been added.
  3. Photo booth
    • For spontaneous shots, the 'Photo Booth' function has been added to the application. Tap it to start counting and take photos that go straight into the layout.
  4. Preview
    • In most applications, when creating a collage, you must first select a format and only then add photos. It is a little like if you were first asked to select a filter, and then take a photo. In Layout, photos are first selected, and then the program offers various options from which you can choose the most suitable one.

The most popular photos in Instagram taken in the app in Layout:

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Group 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Singer Lorde
  • Football Club 'Real Madrid
  • Football club 'Barcelona'
  • NBA
  • Football club 'Arsenal'

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