OnePlus One – Tuesdays, no invitation

Now the OnePlus One smartphone can be freely purchased on the official website on Tuesdays, without an invitation. Apparently, the company decided to get rid of the leftovers in the end before showing the second version of this device. Anyway, every Tuesday, 24 hours, you can buy the OnePlus One 16GB white or the 64GB model in black. The cost is $ 229 and $ 349, respectively. It seems to me that even taking into account the course, the price for the device is excellent, even if the technical characteristics are not the first freshness, the gadget will be quite relevant for another year or a year and a half. Especially if you are not used to changing smartphones like gloves.

OnePlus One - Tuesdays, no invitation

If you are not familiar with OnePlus One, I recommend you read Artem's review.

You can buy the device on the official website.

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