Pantech Returns to Smartphone Market with New Original SKY IM-100

The South Korean company Pantech has not “pleased” its fans with new smartphones for several years. And the other day, she presented her original novelty in her homeland – a smartphone under the local SKY trademark – IM-100, which will be sold by national mobile operators.


This novelty stands out for its minimalist design, where there was a place for a non-standard element for modern devices – a metal 'golden' control wheel on the side, which was popular at one time with mobile devices from Sony.


But the uniqueness of SKY IM-100 does not end there – this smartphone will be supplied complete with the same original multifunctional accessory called STONE (stone), made in the same style as the smartphone, including a similar control ring.


STONE can act in several roles at once – as a wireless Bluetooth audio speaker with automatic NFC connection, wireless charging, mood lamp and create welcome lighting. In addition to everything, STONE has the functions of switching to sleep and waking up, when in the first case, after a set interval, the speaker can gradually decrease the volume of the music being listened to, and in the second case, it can wake up its owner in the morning after sleeping.

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