Reduced prices for MEIZU smartphones in Russia, FLYME update for MEIZU MX4, new accessories and a special promotion

The exclusive official distributor of MEIZU smartphones in Russia has announced some good news for the owners and future owners of MEIZU smartphones: prices for MEIZU MX4, MEIZU M1 NOTE and MEIZU MX4 PRO smartphones in Russia have been reduced since April 13.


New prices for smartphones:

  • MEIZU MX4 16 GB dark gray: 22,990 rubles.
  • MEIZU MX4 16 GB silver and gold: 23,990 rubles.
  • MEIZU MX4 32 GB dark gray: 24,990 rubles.
  • MEIZU MX4 32 GB silver and gold: 25,990 rubles.
  • MEIZU MX4 PRO 16 GB dark gray: 29,990 rubles.
  • MEIZU MX4 PRO 16 GB silver and gold: 30,990 rubles.
  • MEIZU MX4 PRO 32 GB dark gray: 31,990 rubles.
  • MEIZU MX4 PRO 32 GB silver and gold: 32,990 rubles.
  • MEIZU M1 NOTE 16 GB: 14,990 rubles.
  • MEIZU M1 NOTE 32 GB: 16,990 rubles.

You can buy MEIZU smartphones in Russia with an official guarantee and service only in the PIXELPHONE.RU online store, as well as on the website (and in partner retail stores listed on the site).

FLYME update is available for MEIZU MX4. The new firmware contains many changes, you can familiarize yourself with them and download the update on the firmware information page.

You can also update MEIZU MX4 via OTA (over the air).

MEIZU RUSSIA also announces the arrival of new accessories for MEIZU smartphones, including the MEIZU M1 NOTE model. Among others, new covers, bumpers, screen protectors and glasses are available, replacement back covers for the MX4 and MX4PRO models (the M1 NOTE has a monolithic body). You can get acquainted with the list on the website of the PIXELPHONE.RU online store, the official partner of MEIZU RUSSIA, in the 'Accessories' section.

Since April 13, MEIZU RUSSIA, together with PIXELPHONE.RU, are launching a new promotion. When buying a MEIZU MX4 smartphone at a new, reduced price, each customer will receive a MOSKII bumper cover in blue or pink, to choose from. The offer is limited, the promotion will last as long as the covers are in stock.

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