Samsung extends Bixby button functionality to Galaxy S10

South Korean company Samsung Electronics announced a software update for its flagship Galaxy S10 line of smartphones that allows you to assign the functionality of the Bixby button and open selected applications with it.

Recall that the Bixby key provides quick access to the smart assistant with one press. Initially, a single press on the key opened the Bixby widgets on the screen, now the capabilities of the button have expanded.

Samsung extends Bixby button functionality to Galaxy S10

The developers say that the updated Bixby Camera with built-in artificial intelligence recognizes images even faster than in the previous version, allowing you to get information on about a thousand different types of objects. In addition, with its help you can find goods of interest and purchase them through the Yandex.Market service. The function received 6 options for accelerated AI-based image recognition – products, images, texts, wine bottle labels, QR codes and texts in a foreign language.

The new 'Bixby Scripts' feature, currently only available on the Galaxy S10 line, automates your smartphone and includes a handy builder for creating custom automation scripts, as well as a large number of pre-built scripts. For example, when the user arrives home, the smartphone automatically turns on Wi-Fi and the sound of ringing and notifications. In the evenings, the phone itself will go into 'dark' mode, dim the display and activate the blue light filter. And at a working meeting, you no longer have to worry that an important discussion will be interrupted by a ringtone – the gadget will switch to silent mode even before the meeting starts.

Samsung extends Bixby button functionality to Galaxy S10

In addition, Samsung has minimized the possibility of accidentally activating Bixby. If the Bixby key is pressed while the smartphone is in your pocket or locked, the Smart Assistant will no longer start. This not only avoids accidental actions such as sending messages or recording audio to your smartphone, but also conserves battery power.

In addition, as promised in the company, the new software will improve the quality of shooting on the camera in difficult lighting conditions, provide greater detail in images and improve the video stabilization function. By updating the algorithms responsible for energy saving, the battery life of the smartphone will increase. Finally, reverse wireless charging, which allows you to recharge another mobile device from your smartphone, will be even more efficient.

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