Samsung Level U – new wireless headset

Samsung continues to produce interesting accessories for a wide variety of smartphones – of course, we are mainly talking about Galaxy, there is a similarity in design. But this will not prevent you from using Level U with a wide variety of gadgets, even with HTC, even with Sony. What is interesting in the new product?

Samsung Level U

The company calls the device a 'premium headset', the design is really curious, note that the Level U is available in several colors.

Samsung Level U

White, blue, light blue, gold, necklace shape is still used, there are magnets in the cups – the headphones don't dangle when you wear the headset around your neck. The declared operating time is 10 hours, which is not bad for a portable product, the body contains playback control buttons, a microUSB connector for charging, the design is such that the headset will be comfortable to use for a person with any neck size.

Samsung Level U

There are two microphones inside, the voice quality should be good. In our opinion, the price of the headset in Russia will be about 4000 rubles, it will be on sale at the end of June. The pluses include:

  • Wearability and magnets in the cups
  • Interesting colors
  • Two microphones – and good voice quality
  • In theory, it can be used for sports.

The review will be coming soon, stay tuned – and if you are choosing a headset for permanent use, take a look at this product.

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