Sony's SmartEyeGlass available for pre-order despite issues with Google Glass

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The fact that Google Glass is not a successful project is no secret to anyone. However, Sony also decided to play in this field, and now the covers from its project are ripped off: SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1 is presented. The glasses are now available for pre-order and will appear in 10 countries after the official launch on March 10. They will cost £ 520 excluding taxes in the UK and $ 840 in the US.

Sony's SmartEyeGlass available for pre-order despite issues with Google Glass

Like Google's glasses, SmartEyeglass uses the principle of augmented reality, superimposing information on the picture in your field of view. However, instead of a color scheme, information here will be displayed in bright green at a resolution of 419 x 138 pixels.

Glasses from Google and Sony work differently. In the first, a projector is used, in the second, the image is displayed on the projection layer of a full-format transparent lens covering your field of view.

3mm lenses are 85% transparent, so you can read information, but the world around you is clearly visible.

Sony says that the monochrome scheme will extend the life of the battery, but they give a runtime of about 150 minutes without using a camera, and 80 minutes with a camera. Although, perhaps, such inexpressive numbers are due to the fact that this is a version for developers, and the final sample will receive a more capacious battery.

As you might expect, the glasses have built-in sensors such as a gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and an electronic compass. There is a 3MP CMOS sensor, which allows you to take 3MP pictures and shoot QVGA video at 15fps.

The kit includes a wired touch controller that contains a battery, speaker, microphone, and an NFC chip.

You need version Android at least 4.4.4 to use apps for Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc.

Sony's glasses look better than those offered by Google, but they are not sleek either. However, again it is worth remembering that this is a version for developers, and maybe the final product will be a little more aesthetically pleasing. May be.

What do you think of Sony glasses? Do you need such a product considering how the notorious Google Glass is perceived? And what do you lack to imagine such glasses on yourself, at least in theory?

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