The Context function from Now is now available in Russian


Google announced the start of work on the platform Android of the Now Context function in Russian, as well as in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Korean.

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For example, you flew to your friends for the New Year, and they do not have time to meet you at the airport? Ask them, for example, on WhatsApp, how best to get to the desired place. When you receive a response, press and hold the 'Home' button: the Context function from Now will tell you the details of the proposed route and allow you to go directly to the website of a transport company, for example, Aeroexpress.

Want to make sure all last minute gifts ordered online arrive on time? Press and hold the confirmation email to view the order status information.

And if you know everything for sure about 'The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath', then about other New Year's comedies – not necessarily! Say Ok Google Love Actually and then use Now's Context to see all the important information – about the director, the cast and even the soundtrack. Want to share your find with your friends? Just use the 'Share' button.

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And you can also invite your friends to spend time together in the Hermitage Garden – all you need to do is send a message to Hangouts, and the system will suggest the address of the desired place, reviews, photos, and also offer to put a reminder in the calendar so as not to forget about the scheduled meeting. These and other features will become available to you in the coming weeks.

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