The share of Android 5.x and Android 6.x devices continues to grow

Google published another monthly report with data on the relative number Android of devices depending on the version of the mobile operating system for the last year, where the trend of growth in the share of Android 5.x Lollipop and Android 6.x Marshmallow devices, as well as a drop in the share of devices with other versions Android.


Note that the data obtained was collected during the last week – until January 4, based on the results of calls Android of devices to the Play Market online store.


Recall that the collection of data for this report is carried out according to a new method, where now devices with versions of operating systems earlier than Android 2.2 that do not support the new version of the Google Play Store, which allows measuring the number of devices actively connecting to the store applications. In addition, operating system versions with a percentage of less than 0.1% are automatically excluded from the report.

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