Timely OS updates

Hello dear readers, today I propose to discuss the importance of having the latest version Android on your smartphone.


The idea to devote this issue to updates Android came to my mind after I remembered the same question, which was asked to me by several people who are poorly versed in technology. Each of them a smartphone (by coincidence, these were Samsung devices, but this does not affect the essence of the story) offered to download and install the latest firmware updates and all of them were confused by this question. 'Why do I need this? How will this improve something? And I don't need to improve anything! ' – this is the approximate reaction of all three owners. It's funny that unlike the geeks, the non-disruptive user is horrified by all these updates and innovations. He just learned how to use the device and then they suggest changing something. Of course, I recommended all three to update, since there was nothing wrong with those updates, but their reaction amused me.

I have long ceased to chase the current version Android, because, since the time of 4.1, there have been no cardinal changes for me, as for the end user (except that a full-fledged backup, although I will survive even its absence). My opinion is not the ultimate truth and perhaps you were missing some of the functions from the latest versions Android, so let's not argue about this. Moreover, for discussion I propose another question: how important are timely updates of the operating system for you, dear readers? Are you still waiting with bated breath for the latest version of the OS, or has everything you need has been present for a long time since Android 4.x?

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