Tomorrow – the announcement of the musical flagship MEIZU PRO 5

MEIZU has announced the upcoming announcement tomorrow (September 23) in Beijing, China of its new musical flagship PRO smartphone – MEIZU PRO 5.

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Recall that in 2015 MEIZU separates PRO smartphones into a separate series of devices, now there are three of them: MX, M and PRO. MEIZU PRO 5 will include all the best technologies developed by the company, as well as the highest performing hardware available on the market on the day the smartphone is launched.

As the manufacturer notes, MEIZU PRO 5 is aimed at maximum performance and speed, but at the same time it is devoid of 'marketing chips' that are irrelevant and useless today, for example, such as a 4k screen. But MEIZU PRO 5 will offer its users an incredible multimedia experience: high quality sound using Hi-Fi audio and a high-quality camera with the latest optics and advanced image processing technologies.

MEIZU PRO 5 invitation

Like MEIZU MX4 PRO, the new flagship of the company, MEIZU PRO 5, allows you to protect the data of the owner of the smartphone both during daily use and in case of loss of the device. According to the company, the performance of the smartphone will be sufficient to run the most demanding games, and thanks to the new chipset and improved power consumption optimization, high performance will not negatively affect the autonomy of the smartphone.

A complete list of MEIZU PRO 5 characteristics and an estimated price in Russia will be published on the day of the presentation, September 23.

In addition to the MEIZU PRO 5 smartphone, it is planned to announce the update of the proprietary FLYME 5 shell based on Android with an updated interface design and new interesting functions.


The presentation of MEIZU PRO 5 and FLYME 5 shell will take place in Beijing on September 23, the event starts at 9:30 Moscow time (14:30 Beijing time).

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