Xoo belt – belt with battery

The belt was first shown at CES this year, thanks to Casely-Hayford, who also makes Nifty Drive, a small adapter for the MacBook Pro that allows you to quickly and easily upgrade your laptop's memory. With the belt, everything is also quite simple, the buckle hides a 2100 mAh battery and on occasion you can always charge your gadget.

Xoo belt - belt with battery

The charge is quite enough to charge the Samsung Galaxy S5 battery to one hundred percent, well, or close to that. The strap is charged from a USB cable, in the photo you can see a red plug – this is exactly the Nifty Drive.

Xoo belt - belt with battery

Please note that the belt itself is made of leather, that is, apart from the buckle, everything is traditional here. The pre-order is already working, the price is from $ 120 to $ 160. You can choose the size. By the way, a new type of battery is used here, lithium-ceramic, for the first time such were shown at Computex in 2014. The main feature is that the battery can be bent, built into clothes or accessories without fear of damage.

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