Yandex Browser for Android now has a reading mode

Yandex announced that its eponymous browser for tablets and smartphones based on Android has acquired a reading mode, which, according to the company, will be useful for viewing articles, stories or blog posts. In the reading mode, all unnecessary disappears from the page, only formatted text with illustrations remains.


The developers of the new version note that not all sites are adapted for mobile devices. Because of this, it may not be very convenient to read the text on them: incorrect layout, too small print, or advertising interferes. Reading mode will eliminate these problems. The browser parses the page's html code, finds tags that contain text, and then excludes elements with unnecessary information, such as navigation menus and social media buttons. As a result, the user sees a page optimized for a tablet or smartphone screen with a single font and aligned text.

Reading mode will become available to all users of the latest version of Yandex Browser for Android within a few days. It can be enabled in the settings menu.

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