game review is a battle royale mobile game in which you will fight other players with melee weapons.

Kill opponents, get new abilities that will make your hero faster and stronger, dodge the weapons of other players and strike back.

The game includes over 40 types of weapons, as well as over 20 heroes. There is a system of daily rewards and daily tasks.

The game has ads, in-app purchases are supported.

Game process

The game has two types of matches: offline and online. There are also two game modes: mortal combat and a 13-player battle royale, which opens when you reach level 5 (not a character, but a player).

In the process of fighting in one or another game mode, when you kill enemies, you get points to increase the level of your hero, with each new level you are offered 3 random abilities that provide advantages in defeating other players, but do not forget – you will also meet players who have more than one ability. You can also increase the level by picking up pink gems in the event that there is no enemy nearby.

The match lasts until your hero dies. After the match, a reward is awarded – experience and gold, with which you can unlock and buy weapons / characters.

Characters do not have characteristics and pumping – they are just models. But depending on the number of characters purchased, the bonus to the reward issued after the match will grow. Weapons are also not upgradeable, however, unlike characters, each weapon has its own built-in bonus, for example, increased flight range, flight speed, throw style, and so on. Characters, like weapons, are divided into 3 types: common, rare and legendary. Depending on the level of development, outwardly 'Persians' and weapons change. However, they do not bring anything new in terms of characteristics, as I wrote earlier, the characters do not even have them. game review


There are several locations in the game. Among them you can find a desert, a lawn with trees and even a place with tombstones. Objects are scattered all over the map, allowing you to hide from enemy attacks, as well as carry out tactical maneuvers. It can be numerous rocks or trees.

Graphic arts

The graphics are made in the style of 'low poly art' (low poly art) – a style of graphics that is used in fairly budget projects on different platforms.

In my opinion, the color palette in this game is too poisonous: torn-eyed yellow sand, red heads of characters, orange background of the menu … But despite such a peculiar design, you can get used to the gameplay.


There is no musical accompaniment in the game, but there are various effects during a skirmish on the map: oohs, sighs and groans. In general, it's fun, but the perky country music was not enough.

Overall score

The controls are extremely simple and intuitive: on the right – the use of weapons, on the left – character control. The gameplay itself is quite exciting – constant action, throwing axes and other cold weapons.

But there were also some drawbacks: expensive in-game purchases up to 2,590 rubles. Moreover, there is advertising every third match. But this is a standard story: either we pay money, or we play with an abundance of advertising.

In any case, is a fun and exciting toy that will allow you to while away the evening, or even two!

And the game can be downloaded here.

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