Review of the game Hades' Star

Hades' Star is a representative of the online space strategy genre. Starting with one planet in your designated sector of space, you are constantly increasing the size of your empire. Over time, you will build many outposts, command a huge fleet, research future technologies, complete various tasks, and interact with other players.

Game features:

  • Cross-platform
  • Populate planets and transform them from lifeless stones into business centers
  • Optimize trade routes, mine resources, explore outer space and defend against a mysterious alien race
  • Build warships, mining and merchant ships and upgrade them with modules
  • Enter into diplomatic relations with other players and dictate the terms of economic and military cooperation
  • Travel with other players to dangerous red stars and take resources from their systems before the stars turn into supernovae
  • Compete for prizes in the systems of short-lived blue stars
  • Team up with other players in a corporation and take part in strategic missions in white star systems
  • Play and develop without haste: No one will steal the resources of the empire in your absence.

Game process

Purpose of the game

It is simple – to develop your empire, expand the boundaries of your power in the solar system by conducting internal and external economies, accumulating combat power, followed by plundering of dying planets.

Combat system

Combat in Hades' Star has a luscious flavor of strategy. In most cases, it will not be possible to break through with a “crowd” of battleships through enemy units. For more successful attacks, you need to think over your moves, sometimes even down to measuring seconds, because in the event of the loss of your ships, the loss of hydrogen will turn out to be unjustified, and you will have to spend a lot on rebuilding your fleet.

Collision of battleships with enemy combat units

Economy and resources

There are two types of economics in the game – internal and external.

The internal economy is carried out by delivering goods within your solar system, between the planets. Cargo prices vary depending on the levels of your colonized planets. Also, their level determines the maximum storage capacity of credits and hydrogen.

The external economy is conducted by building diplomacy stations that allow you to enter into diplomatic relations with other players. Players in such a relationship can send ships to each other's systems. This is done in case your solar system runs out of cargo and you can send ships to an alien solar system to transport cargo between planets for a reward.

As you can see from the text above, loans and hydrogen are the main resources. Credits are intended for buying ships, opening and improving modules, building and improving infrastructure.

Hydrogen is fuel for flights of ships in the star system, jumping to new star systems and switching on some modules, for example, the Remote Repair module.

Hydrogen production using a mining ship with a remote production module

Cargo delivery process by transport ships

Artifacts and technologies

This is an equally important aspect of the game. Artifacts are objects that are found on dying planets near red stars. All artifacts can be rescued or researched at the research station. They contain varying amounts of credits, hydrogen, experience, and blueprints. There are 3 main types of artifacts: blue crystals, balls and tetrahedrons. Each of them corresponds to a specific type of drawing. Blue crystals contain trade and mining technologies, orbs contain shield and weapon technologies, and tetrahedrons contain support technologies.

Red Star

The process of loading artifacts onto transport ships.


Musical accompaniment

In my personal opinion, it is a sin to complain about it in this game, it fits perfectly into the cosmic surroundings. In any case, music, like all game sounds, can be turned off in the settings.

Graphic arts

Hades' Star's graphoony is amazing: when you zoom in on planets, star effects and other objects in the game, you can see the smallest details. The picture itself can sometimes even fascinate with its mystery and amaze with its detail. It was also surprising to me that there was a “Landscape orientation” setting item – not everyone likes to hold the phone upright all the time.

Overall score

In my subjective opinion, the game is quite peculiar and may not please everyone. Strategy and measured gameplay are the keywords to describe Hades' Star in general.

Liked the graphics, sounds, animation effects, and more!

A nice bonus is the lack of advertising, at least I haven't seen it. Hades' Star is also cross-platform, meaning it is also available on PCs.

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