Soul Knight Quick Tour

'This is the era of the sword and revolver. The magic stone that kept the balance in our world was stolen by a high-tech alien race. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. Will you be able to return the artifact? It all depends on you…'

I love this kind of games, in addition, I was attracted by the general assessment of users: at the time of this writing, it was 4.7 points out of 5 possible.

The game belongs to the fantasy style and includes 14 unique characters with different skills.

Explore dungeons, collect insane weapons, dodge bullets! Intuitively simple controls, incredibly smooth and addictive gameplay and many different tricks.

There are internal purchases: you need to purchase 6 of the 14 main characters, plus there is an in-game currency.

Game process

The game has two modes: multiplayer and single player. Each of the 14 main characters is endowed with certain characteristics.

Soul Knight Quick Tour

In network mode, you can play with up to 4 people connected via a shared Wi-Fi network. Depending on the number of gamers in the network, the number of enemies per room increases. I consider this a disadvantage, because with the same room size, you stop disassembling characters due to the huge number of effects: shots, explosions and other visual things.

When entering single player mode, the player enters the lobby, where he selects / buys a character for a currency called 'gems'. It can be purchased by completing the game or by depositing real currency. The only drawback that the developers did not foresee is the need to re-enter the lobby when the player chooses another character.

Soul Knight Quick Tour

The gameplay itself can be explained in literally a few words: go through the room, find weapons and kill the boss. In the process of passing the player will be credited with currency in the form of gold coins. It is easy to purchase a temporary partner, weapons, etc. for coins.

If we talk about challenges, then they change the difficulty of the game and in-game parameters, for example, player damage, enemy damage, their number. Despite the fact that the game has a small plot, you will still need tactics and a certain kind of combat strategy.

Soul Knight Quick Tour


The passage of each of the cards is divided into 3 stages. And each of them includes 5 levels. It is interesting that the stages are included in a random order: summer, winter. Opponents change depending on the stages.

Soul Knight Quick Tour

The levels at each stage are built randomly. The rooms are also randomly constructed. Actually, that's why it's interesting to play: you never guess what awaits you next.

Graphic arts

The graphics here are 8-bit, simple. But the effects are pleasant, smooth and colorful. In general, for an amateur.

Soul Knight Quick Tour

Musical accompaniment

It seems to me that the music is well chosen here. The main thing is that it is not primitive eight-bit. Changes depending on the level. You will not be bored.


The toy is made soundly: I have not seen any bugs, although the graphics are 8-bit, they are pleasant, the sounds are not annoying, the music is excellent. I was surprised that ads in Soul Knight are turned on only at the request of the player himself, now this is rare.

I definitely advise all fans of this genre!

You can download and play here.

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