Mindustry game review


  • Introduction
  • Game process
  • Purpose of the game
    • Resource extraction and factories
    • Manufacturing process
    • Combat system
    • Interface and control
  • Cards
  • Sound and musical accompaniment
  • Graphic arts
  • Overall score


Mindustry is a tower defense game with a heavy touch of strategy. You have to extract resources, build factories and defenses, and fight for survival.

Game features:

  • 24 built-in maps, half of which are dedicated to the campaign
  • campaign with a full technology tree and map progression
  • 4 types of powerful bosses
  • systems for transporting fluids, energy and other resources
  • 19 types of drones, air and ground combat units
  • Over 120 blocks in the technology tree
  • more than 75 types of natural blocks
  • Cross-platform multiplayer with support for both local (LAN) networks and dedicated servers.
  • Map editor with a wide range of features and tools.

Game process

You play as a ship that is responsible for building, “looking after” the base and protecting the assembly lines. The game includes both single player (campaign and custom game) and cross-platform multiplayer – network game.


Purpose of the game: extraction of resources using special blocks, which will be attached to other blocks using transport lines for their processing and delivery to the core; thanks to which your base, assembly line, as well as combat power and defensive ability will develop.

Resource extraction and factories

When you go through the campaign, you “launch” the resources that you will have at the beginning of the game. Editing the amount and type of resources is possible upon reaching the 15th attack wave on the map. Initially, only the kernel is available.

Ore veins are scattered throughout the map, which are designed to extract resources with the help of drills. After installing the drill, you need to establish a transport line using conveyor blocks to your core. Next, you start accumulating resources for their subsequent use in the construction of certain objects.

Manufacturing process

With enough resources, you will need to expand your production. The game has many blocks for the production of resources that cannot be obtained by conventional methods. Some of these units require energy produced in various ways, such as an internal combustion generator and the supply of coal to it. Later, resources will be needed for the production of ground and air units of equipment, other blocks that produce resources.

Combat system

After the start of the game, the countdown begins until the first attack. With each subsequent wave, the number and power of enemy attacks increases. For defense, turrets are used that require certain types of resources: some can be produced by extracting them with a drill, others using production blocks, for example, graphite (the method of obtaining is shown in the picture above).

Defending the passage from enemy forces

The enemy can have a normal landing point without a base, or they can have their own core. If the opponent has his own core, the player will win only when the enemy core is destroyed. In its destruction, the player will be helped by the production of combat ground and air units, it is carried out by supplying the appropriate resources to the production blocks.

Production of “dagger” furs using silicon and energy.

Finding the player's ship near the landing point.

Interface and control

There are no complaints about the interface: it is clear, convenient, concise and does not take up much space on the screen of your device. The only drawback that takes not only time but also nerves is the block installation system. With a sufficient distance from the camera, placing and removing blocks is just hell. You can easily miss and draw the line wrong, if you construct blocks incorrectly, especially conveyors, you cannot delete with one selection, but only by clicking on each block separately.


The game features 24 built-in cards, 12 of them are cards during the campaign. Some maps leave much to be desired: either an extremely inconvenient location of ores, or objects on maps that cannot be destroyed …

If you're not happy with the campaign, you can choose from 12 built-in custom maps. Or even create your own with the game's map editor.

Sound and musical accompaniment

Music is present both in the main menu and during the game itself.

The sounds and effects of fighting fit into the gameplay well. I did not notice any sharp annoying sounds.

Graphic arts

Mindustry has eight-bit graphics. It is not too variegated and not too contrasting – it does not hurt the eye. But it is worth noting a significant disadvantage: despite the simplest graphonium, due to the clashes of turrets and combat units, the frame rate drops a lot, even if the phone is relatively powerful.

Overall score

In general, the game is pretty good, a strong bias in the strategy genre allows you to strain your brains, and the toolkit and “sandiness” of the game – to show creativity.

Advertising, like the in-game purchase system, is absent in the game at the time of this writing. I mentioned above that Mindustry has a cross-platform network game: it is available both on Google Android and on Steam at Windows (154 rubles).

Link to download the mobile version of the game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.anuke.mindustry

Link to Steam version of the game for PC: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1127400/?snr=1_5_9__205

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