DI Radio : For electronic music lovers

Quite a long time ago I installed and use on devices with Android the DI Radio program, this is a utility of the famous Internet radio station Digitally Imported. I know myself and wrote here about universal things like TuneIn, but DI Radio likes the selection and the paid version. I'll tell you briefly why DI is always the first to hit a new smartphone.

DI Radio

Firstly, the utility is stable and works without any problems even where Wi-Fi and LTE are lost, 3G connection is stable. Secondly, you can use the paid or free version. In a paid program, the sound quality is better (but more data is transmitted), there is no banner, there is access to listen from all other devices. Access costs $ 7 per month or $ 70 per year, you need a card to pay. Third, why pay so much money? What, little music? No, there is a lot of music, but DI Radio has a very good selection and many channels for every taste, you want it, listen to techno, you want it, house, you want it, turn on Ambient and relax. All shows are of high quality and interesting. Users in the Play Store say that stations can be switched using the buttons on the steering wheel – this function does not work for me.

DI Radio DI Radio

When used on the Spny Xperia Z5, the heating does not become stronger, I did not notice a strong battery discharge.

You can install it from here.

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