Games for two on one device

Mobile devices have made a huge impact on the gaming industry. This is not to say that this is a qualitative impetus, but rather an expansion of the 'gaming' audience. After all, the overwhelming majority of people have phones and tablets, and developers just need to 'quench' the thirst of users by creating various games. It would seem that on devices with a large display diagonal it is quite convenient to play together, but there are quite a few games of this kind. Therefore, I want to share with you several games that can be played with friends on the same device.


I think many will agree that playing with a real person is much more interesting than playing with artificial intelligence. Games for a company allow you to have a good time and get closer to other players, because you, in one way or another, contact them. Finding a good multiplayer game on Google Play is quite difficult, there simply isn't such a category.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with a small selection of games for a company of two or more people on one device.



I think many are familiar with this game, because it has received many awards and positive feedback from players. You play as an inhabitant of the forest – a mysterious creature with wings. You can control it by touching any point on the display, the more you press – the more force it takes off. Thus, you move through a dark, but at the same beautiful and fabulous forest full of dangers: dodge traps, collect bonuses that change your size or shape and create your own clones that repeat your movements with precision. The more clones you get to the end of the level, the better. Screenshot_20160229-201101 Screenshot_20160229-201112

The game impresses with its 'friendly' gameplay and the atmosphere created by graphic and musical accompaniment. Screenshot_20160229-201227

The multiplayer mode is quite advanced – up to four players on one device. At the same time, the screen is divided into several visual zones for controlling each individual character. The goal of the mode is to survive and go to the end of the level, and the most interesting thing is that all the characters interact with each other and you can sabotage opponents by pushing him with your body on the trap or off the screen.

The game is available for free on Google Play, but for 329 rubles you can purchase a premium version without ads with all open levels and characters.


Games for two on one device

Ready steady bang


Readiness. Attention. Shot The name of the game speaks for itself. Challenge your friend to a duel and check which one of you is the best cowboy or who just has the best reaction. The gameplay is as simple as possible: the playing field is divided into two parts, two playable characters are standing opposite each other and preparing to shoot, you can shoot only after the third 'Bang!' Signal, the winner is the one who shoots first, as in a real duel.


The game is free on Google Play, but there is an extended version for 66 rubles, with other mini-games in the wild west style.


Games for two on one device

Pocket Tanks


This game is familiar to many from the PC version, which was released in 2001. The game is a turn-based strategy platformer. There are two tanks on a randomly generated map, the players alternately choose their arsenal from the list and start the battle. The tank can be moved only four conventional cells, and the shooting is controlled by the angle of the barrel and the force of the shot. The player with the most damage wins. In the free version, 20 different types of weapons are available, each projectile has its own characteristics, one inflicts direct damage to the enemy, and the other, for example, can pull out a foundation pit under him, thereby blocking his movement. This is the most interesting element of the game, but the more experienced player, who knows the behavior of all weapons, has a significant advantage over the beginner, in this regard the game is devoid of balance.

Screenshot_20160301-100913 Screenshot_20160301-100920

You can play with artificial intelligence, together on one device, over a local Wi-Fi network and over the Internet.

The game is free on Google Play, for 329 rubles you can replenish your arsenal with 75 new guns.


Games for two on one device

2Player Reactor


A game of reaction and wits. You have 18 different modes for several players: attention, speed of thinking, reaction and quick wits. The essence of the game is to press the button faster than the opponent, if the condition shown on the display is correct. For example, in the simplest game mode, 'White Screen', you need to quickly touch your opponent's button when the screen turns white. The player with the most points wins. The game interface is quite simple, even too simple, but this does not prevent it from being quite exciting, because you are playing with a living person.


The 2-player version is free, real money can buy the 4-player version and new modes.


Games for two on one device

Ice Rage: Hockey


A hockey game in which you can face off against another live player. The gameplay is as simple as possible: there are two goalkeepers and two attackers on the field, depending on the game mode, you can control only the attacker or both the goalkeeper and the attacker. The control works with a joystick and a strike button, the force of the strike changes depending on the duration of pressing. If you find it difficult to control the player's movement, there is a simplified control, in this case, the player's movement will be controlled by the AI, and you only need to press the hit button in time.

Screenshot_20160229-224607 Screenshot_20160229-224636

The game is free, but there are quite intrusive ads that can be turned off for money.


Games for two on one device


Most of the games listed above are more convenient and better to play on a tablet with a diagonal of 7 inches and above, but this is only a recommendation. These are not all games that can be played together, at least I can still recommend: Pocket Soccer, Glow Hockey, a series of Worms games and King of Opera

Suggest your games for two in the comments and share your opinion – are you interested in such collections of games.

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