Magnificent five. Summer 2016, part three

In this edition of the software digest: a space arcade game in the style of old consoles, a browser for 'light' apps, a utility for tracking battery status, a stylish periodic table of elements and an addicting puzzle.


It's a Space Thing
(Brad Erkkila)

Many people remember the first 8-bit shooters in the style of Space Invaders, apparently, the developers of this game were inspired by them. Everything is in the best traditions of the genre: graphics, ease of control, sound design, perhaps the plot is slightly different: no legions of space invaders, here the player is invited to either fight one-on-one with a virtual enemy, or with a real one (in the appropriate mode), or try to win boss. The score goes to the number of wins and is reset after a loss.

screener_20160817 (15-27-09) screener_20160817 (15-32-34)

To help the player, platforms are given, behind which you can hide from the opponent's flying projectiles, as well as various gains flying by, hitting which causes additional damage to the opponent. The game can be seen as a good way to pass the time, however, playing together is not very convenient on devices with a small screen. Otherwise, everything is on the level, advertising is boring, but, apparently, there is no way to turn it off.

Cost: Free
Requirements: version Android 2.3+, age limit 7+ (moderate violence)

itsaspacechart  e3b386047cc9118b13eed77dafab933d


The growing number of complaints about the 'weight' of some applications, such as Facebook and Google+, are pushing developers to create various 'skins' for mobile versions of services. Hermit developers went a little further, creating a kind of aggregator / browser for light versions of popular sites and social networks. After the expiration of the daily access to premium features, the basic version offers to create and use two 'light' versions of any of the mentioned services (WhatsApp failed to launch) or resources of interest to you.

screener_20160817 (18-03-10) screener_20160817 (18-04-35)

When creating new applications, the corresponding icon is placed on the desktop so as not to lose the desired client. For each of the applications, there are ample opportunities for personalizing the appearance, blocking ads, changing text and display parameters.

screener_20160817 (18-00-43) screener_20160817 (18-00-25)

It turns out pretty good, in fact, we are facing the same mobile versions, but with additional settings and nice options. Moreover, it is quite easy to configure them, it is not at all necessary to go into the settings, the quick settings item is located on the panel above the main program window.

screener_20160817 (18-01-05) screener_20160817 (18-12-04)

Is the performance of the device poor? No desire to clog the device's memory with 'heavy' applications? Do you want to keep abreast of events and news? That way.

Cost: Free, IAP (subscriptions)
Requirements: version Android 4.4+, age category 3+

hermitchart com.chimbori.hermitcrab-w250


Not so long ago I flashed my smartphone, at a certain stage of running the new firmware, the idea came to observe the battery's operation, there were suspicions that it would be necessary to calibrate it. The AccuBattery app has just come under my arm, which measures battery data in real time and 'takes care' of the battery life as long as possible.

screener_20160817 (14-16-59) screener_20160817 (14-17-22)

screener_20160817 (14-17-38)

Briefly about what the basic version of the utility can do:

  • Measuring the real battery capacity
  • Using battery level notification to extend battery life
  • Displays the percentage of battery wear on each charge cycle, the rate of discharge and the consumption of battery resources by each application, the time to fully charge and until the battery is fully discharged, taking into account the load, in active mode and in off state
  • Estimating the percentage of 'sleep' in standby mode
  • Information about the charging speed from this or that accessory allows you to choose the fastest charging method

The premium version offers more granular data reporting in a permanent (and, unfortunately, non-switchable) notification, CPU usage data and other 'bonuses'. Yes, there are quite a few such applications, but AccuBattery confidently fulfills the tasks assigned to it and does not display ads. Advise those who are not sure about the 'health' of the battery of their device or those who like custom firmware.

Cost: Free, IAP (subscriptions)
Requirements: version Android 5.0+

accuchart Accubattery-220x220

(Jack Underwood)

I can't say that I was a fan of chemistry at school, but if at that time I had such applications as Isotope at my disposal, then the situation could be completely different. The application is a table of elements, when clicking on each user opens general information, atomic, thermodynamic and physical properties of the element, and in the paid version (59 rubles) data on its purpose and use are added.

screener_20160817 (16-09-58)

screener_20160817 (16-10-19) screener_20160817 (16-11-30)

A good way to improve knowledge not only in the field of chemistry, but also in the English language, the application does not have Russian localization. Advise those who are planning to take the exam in chemistry or are simply interested in the subject.

Cost: Free, IAP (subscription)
Requirements: version Android 4.4+

chart Isotope-icon


I can’t ignore the puzzles, especially the high quality ones. In Perchang, you have to use various methods and manipulations in order to collect the number of balls required to complete the level in the allotted time. As usual, the difficulty increases from level to level. The latter are made in a three-dimensional model and have 60 tests. Control is carried out by touching the screen; for this, two areas are highlighted on it, corresponding in color to one or another method of controlling the game process.

screener_20160817 (18-12-49)

screener_20160817 (18-12-25)

Depending on the accuracy and speed of passing the level, the player is awarded medals, there is integration with Play Games. Quite an interesting puzzle for fans of the genre.

Cost: Free, IAP
Requirements: version Android 4.0.3

chart (1) 400x400_MIMAGE213fd1efa99a923a54c54bc22da0436b

This concludes today's selection, thank you all for your attention and have a good rest of summer days!


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