Magnificent five. Summer 2016, part two

Mini-digest of five interesting applications for your Android – device.


Summer is by no means conducive to searching for new applications in the Play catalog; I want to take a break from gadgets and recharge with positive energy. Unfortunately, desires do not always overlap with opportunities, working days remain so in the summer, and the weather often presents not entirely pleasant surprises. For your attention in this collection are presented: a service client for acquaintance with the work of independent musicians, a 'wrapper' for the mobile version Facebook, an atmospheric puzzle and two cool utilities for editing text messages and working with the clipboard.

(Bandcamp, Inc.)

This service has been almost ten years old, allowing musicians to distribute their music without being tied to any recording studio. The Bandcamp client under Android appeared relatively recently, in my opinion, a very useful application, especially for those whose musical preferences are in a plane other than music for the general public.

screener_20160712 (15-06-22) screener_20160713 (17-24-29)

The genre catalog is very diverse, with a high degree of probability you can find something interesting regardless of musical preferences. There is an option to support musicians by buying their music, the cost is determined by the artist: it can be a fixed amount, for example, a dollar per song or from $ 8 per album, and there are also albums that are distributed according to the 'pay as much as you see fit' system. Anyway, online listening is free.

There are both digital versions of albums and vinyl. It should be noted that the service is not limited to music alone; podcasts, comedy sketches, audio books (both prose and poetry), etc. are available. A reliable source of fresh music in my playlist, I bought something, I just added something through Play Music, I think Bandcamp helps musicians a lot at the DIY stage. Advise fans of constant rotation of the playlist and those who like to discover new styles and teams.

Cost: Free, IAP
Requirements: version Android 4.0.3+, age category 12+ (parental control required)

app-logo bandchart

(Happening Studios)

Behind the extremely unfortunate, in my opinion, name hides a quite good client for the mobile version Facebook. One of these clients (Folio) was already mentioned in one of the digests, in general, it (Folio) became too complex for its purpose, returned to the original application. After I noticed that the smartphone began to 'lose' charge much faster, I found Swipe.

screener_20160713 (17-46-14) screener_20160713 (17-45-53)

A 'clean' and nimble client, everything is in its place, there are no complicated add-ons, there is no advertising, you can manage your account settings, I haven't found any negative points for myself yet. One of those cases when the application clearly does what is required of it. For those who want to expand the functionality of Swipe, there is a Pro version (180 rubles), which will add support for themes, an energy-saving mode, an interface as close as possible to the material design, as well as the ability to display as in iOS, with a tab bar and notifications at the bottom of the screen. Confident offset.

Cost: Free
Requirements: version Android 4.4+, age category 12+ (parental control required)

Swipe-for - Facebook - Pro - Android swipechart

(Hamster On Coke Games)

It so happens that you don't want to play some dynamic games that require a fair amount of concentration, but, on the contrary, relax and give your brain a rest. Zenge is one of those games. Before us is a beautiful looking and pleasant in terms of musical design puzzle, in which (quote from the description from Google Play) '.. there are no glasses, stars, manuals, movement counters, built-in stores and other distracting elements ..'. Indeed, after installation, the user is immediately immersed in the game, no introductory video, no training. We collect pictures from parts, choosing an individual sequence of actions for each level, and enjoy the music, everything is extremely simple.

2016-07-13 19.35.05 2016-07-13 19.36.16

It will not be possible to convey the atmosphere of the game with screenshots, I advise you to download and experience it personally, especially at the time of publication of the material for the purchase of the game there is a 90% discount.

Cost: 10 rubles.
Requirements: version Android 4.0+, age limit 3+

eb1bdf09aaa08f64ef6cf9484bf6be69 zengechart

Inputting plus and Clip Stack
(Catching Now)

It will be advisable to combine these two applications into one review, I will explain the reason in the course of the story. Inputting Plus is an additional text editor that implements the commands familiar to the PC user: Ctrl + Z / F / C / V. To work with the editor, just click on the icon that pops up when opening the keyboard or a drop-down notification, the appearance is set in the settings.

screener_20160713 (20-45-32) screener_20160713 (20-46-20)

When the 'Inputting Timeline' option is activated, the application records all data entered using the keyboard, it is possible to disable saving passwords, as well as put a PIN code to access this information. Moreover, the application does not allow you to take a screenshot of the chronicle of the entered data, it is useful from the point of view of data security.

Clip Stack, as you might have guessed, is responsible for the functionality of CTRL + V, but with a caveat: here you can paste not only the last copied piece of text, but any of the previously copied and saved in the application's chronicle.

screener_20160713 (20-46-32)

Thus, it turns out a good bunch for working with text. Undoubtedly useful for those who often work with text arrays or actively exchange them in various messengers. Some might say that, for example, Inputting Plus is supported by many clients, but why not have one utility for all applications? Both applications are distributed free of charge, in the Clip Stack there is an opportunity to thank the developer via IAP. The design is extremely laconic and consistent with Material. Solid top five for the developer, I advise everyone to try both applications, a good idea in a high-quality performance.

Inputting Plus

Cost: Free
Requirements: version Android 5.0+

InputtingPlusCtrl - ZF CV-41 inputchart

Clip Stack

Cost: Free, IAP
Requirements: version Android 4.0+

unnamed clipchart

This is the second summer collection, thanks for reading to the end. More bright summer days for everyone!


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