Magnificent five. Winter 2015, part one

In anticipation of the upcoming holidays, your attention is offered five games of different concepts that can help you spend your free time.

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Gods of the Arena

A relatively new product from Gameloft opens the game selection, in which the player will have to fight the demon Tenebrous who has captured Olympus and his army of monsters and warriors. The popular genre is inscribed in the locations of Ancient Greece, permeated with its mythology and will be of interest to a wide range of players, regardless of age.


As for the gameplay, there is nothing fundamentally new: from battle to battle, the player pumps up his hero, adds new fighters to his squad, opening up the bonuses that come across. The dynamics of the fights can hardly be called fast, and the battle itself is difficult, after playing MKX there were no problems with character control. The graphic part let us down a little, the drawing of the characters could be better. Probably finding fault, but the difference with the already mentioned game is visible to the naked eye. Nevertheless, it is interesting to play, if you like this style of games – I recommend giving it a try.


In addition to playing along the storyline, there is also a PVP mode, in which you can fight real opponents, getting additional bonuses and abilities for your heroes. The game is free, it has an in-game purchases store, where you can replenish stocks of resources for faster passage and strengthening the hero. Advise fans of fighting games and those who like the style and mythology of Ancient Greece.


Cost: Free, IAP
Requirements: 12+, version Android 4.0+ chart gor


A surprisingly enjoyable and fun way to learn how to quickly type text in the English keyboard layout, previously available only in the web version, has now appeared on Google Play in a separate application. The game screen, aside from the keyboard, resembles the familiar Space Invaders-style arcade games. However, in addition to the attacking alien ships, the player will have to letter by letter 'destroy' words, beating off new and new 'waves'. The game uses its own keyboard, so Swype users will have to remember the original input method.

screener_20151229 (18-09-16) screener_20151229 (18-10-02)

The game ends when the word or the remaining letters reach the bottom of the playing field. After that, the game statistics are displayed, showing the accuracy of the set and the number of points. It turned out great: there is a practical benefit, you can play without fear of losing the passage, there is no need to allocate a separate time. For myself, I noted that over time it turns out to type without looking, sometimes the skill is useful. Advise those who often use English in correspondence and simply those who want to improve their spelling skills.

Cost: Free
Requirements: version Android 4.0+

unnamed zchart

(3 Minute Games)

As part of a giveaway of free apps on Amazon I came across Lifeline, a text quest-style game. Despite the fact that the game has already appeared in the review of the best games of the outgoing year according to Alexander Shcherbakov, I decided to include it in my selection. According to the plot, Taylor, a student sent on a flying ship 'Varya' to track changes in the life of experimental rats, after the ship crash, finds himself alone on an unfamiliar planet. Somehow he manages to contact the player and the fate of the unlucky astronaut now depends on him. Taylor sends messages containing information about emerging situations, offering the player two options for the development of events.

screener_20151229 (18-28-53)

Notifications come in a standard shutter, I recommend grouping them in the settings, so there will be no clutter of messages. In the normal, not accelerated game mode, Taylor is not so often worried, an illusion of reality is created. Quoting one of the heroes of the popular sitcom, “This game uses the most powerful GPU – imagination.” In general, I liked it very much, I plan to move on to the subsequent parts later. Advise those who are nostalgic for text quests or those who need a game that is stretched out in time, but does not lose its charm.

Cost: 67.43 rubles.
Requirements: version Android

lQtA9 lifelinechart

Last horizon
(Noodlecake Studios Inc.)

My personal favorite in the collection, and again – the space theme. You control the spaceship Horizon, whose mission is to find the remnants of humanity and collect samples of ecosystems to populate a new planet. The resources of the ship are limited, so you have to constantly land on the encountered planets and replenish the supplies of oxygen, fuel and ore used to repair the ship.

screener_20151229 (18-47-05) screener_20151229 (18-47-22)

Each planet differs in the reserves of one or another resource and has its own gravity. Therefore, the player needs to be very careful when landing. Control is carried out by tapes on the screen: on the right side – engine acceleration, on the left – clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. The goal of the mission is to successfully deliver samples of ecosystems and colonists from mine planets scattered across space to a planet that can later become a shelter for a new generation of people.

In addition to gravity, chaotically moving meteorites await the player in space. comets, black holes and representatives of aggressive alien civilizations. Therefore, caution does not hurt. Musical accompaniment helps to feel the despair of the pilot of a lonely spaceship in outer space. A really cool game, it requires attention and accuracy, as well as patience. Of the subjective disadvantages, some users will be able to note only the absence of Russian localization and the high cost of the game. Recommend to lovers of quiet games with smooth dynamics.

Cost: ~ 197 rubles.
Requirements: version Android 2.3+

Last-Horizon chart

Swing copters 2

I could not pass by the continuation of one of, probably, the most difficult game in its simplicity. Unless Flappy Bird can compete. The second part presents us with a redesigned interface that fits into an even narrower playing field. All the same little man with a helicopter on his head, all the same vain attempts to overcome at least the first barrier.

screener_20151229 (19-05-01) screener_20151229 (19-04-38)

So don't be fooled by the motley color scheme, the game is not at all childishly difficult, there is a chance to launch the device into the nearest wall in a rush. Be mentally prepared to resist this desire and dare. Advise to hardcore gamers.

swingcopters2-170x170 chart (1)

Cost: Free, IAP
Requirements: version Android 2.3.3

This is the last release of this year's review of interesting programs. I would like to thank all AMR readers for their attention and wish you a Happy New Year. I wish you to remember that outside the screens of our gadgets our dear people are waiting for our attention, virtual reality will not go anywhere. Until next time on the pages of AMR!

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