Magnificent five. Winter 2015, part three

In the final winter issue of the digest: a utility for the forgetful, a mini-launcher, a colorful arcade game, a masterpiece puzzle and a beautiful way to find out the weather.

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Close The Door!
(Null Ilc)

This reminder utility from a Moscow developer will help to postpone such a routine process as closing a door / doors when leaving an apartment or house. It's a paradox, but even with collected and concentrated people sometimes such actions absolutely fly out of the head. Unfortunately, I cannot attribute myself to such people, but I strive for it. In part, this helped to find this application on Google Play.

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So, we leave the house. close the door and click on the icon, we get sound and visual confirmation that the lock is closed and you can safely go on business. Ingenious – simple? Probably not in this case, but the idea is quite universal, it can be used for other actions. Of course, it is much easier to turn on the head every time and memorize such routine procedures, however, we all think differently, plus the whole brain tends to malfunction, especially with age, so you can forget even such seemingly obvious things. Advise very busy people with a lot of information in their heads.

Cost: free (advertising)
Requirements: version Android 2.3+

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Edge Launcher
(Reactiv Studios)

An interesting take on working with recent and frequently used apps from Reactiv Studios. Do not be fooled by the name, here we are not talking about the shell, but about a small panel that is constantly present at the edge of the display and gives out a list of favorites and recently opened applications when pressed.

screener_20160303 (13-27-18)

In addition to the above points, there are buttons for managing media files, returning to the home screen and accessing applications (to the delight of those who are afraid of a possible upcoming rejection of the application bar in Android N), as well as information about the charge level batteries and watches. In the settings, you can determine the location of the panel, the method of calling, select favorite applications and change the appearance to a minimum.

A paid subscription will give you the opportunity to choose more than five selected applications and provide access to more flexible appearance settings. The result is a pleasant, lightweight (1.1 mb) and quite functional shell, I am sure that many will enjoy working with it. Advise minimalists and those for whom quick access to specific applications is important.

Cost: Free
Requirements: version Android 4.2+

edgechart unnamed

Color Switch
(Fortafy Games)

The visually pleasing and addictive cross-platform 'timekiller' Color Switch has recently caught my eye, although the app is incredibly popular. And this is understandable: a seemingly simple idea (to draw the ball through the figures) is very high-quality inscribed in the multi-colored geometry and all this color splendor fascinates and does not allow one to break away from the game.

screener_20160303 (13-24-47)

However, the simplicity of the game is only the first impression: the game provides various modes that complicate the passage and add variety, play does not get bored. At the same time, the nature of the game does not change, except that the levels are limited in number. The points earned during the passage are the game currency that allows you to open new balls. Recommend to fans of dynamic and beautiful, but relatively simple games.

Cost: free (advertising)
Requirements: version Android 2.3+

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The room three
(Fireproof Games)

After getting acquainted with the first part of the game, which was mentioned in one of the previous issues of the review, I decided to consistently buy and go through all the parts, I liked the idea and implementation so much. And if the second part did not disappoint, but was nevertheless completed quite quickly, then the third simply surpassed imaginable expectations, and the game process itself was more pleasant than the two games already played and took a decent amount of time, about nine hours. The mere fact of having four different endings is worth a lot, in the process of solving the puzzles comes an 'appetite' and you want more and more riddles.

2016-03-03 16.52.03

2016-03-03 16.52.27

The game now has support for the Russian language, which greatly facilitates the task. However, after the first pass, the hints are turned off and the player is left alone with the secrets of the game. I admit, I wanted to get through so much that I had to resort to tips from the network. I don’t remember such feelings from games for a long time, it was high quality and atmospheric, top class. Recommend to puzzle lovers and fans of the series.

Cost: 279 p.
Requirements: age category 7+ (intimidation), version Android 4.0.3+

room3chart unnamed (1)

Weather Timeline – Forecast
(Sam Ruston)

A very detailed and at the same time visually beautiful client allows you to track changes in the weather in several places at the same time, and this can be a forecast for a day, a week, a month, or for years to come. In addition to air temperature, graphical information about humidity, air pressure, wind speed, precipitation and the current phase of the moon is available to the user.

screener_20160303 (13-27-58)

The application settings allow you to maximally personalize the appearance: icon sets, more than ten different widgets, notification management (including notification in the notification bar), selection of forecast providers and much more. It turned out very cool, strictly and beautifully, informative, which pleases.

screener_20160303 (18-20-19)

A nice bonus is support for tablets and watches based on Android Wear. Both device classes have their own settings. Advise those who need a beautiful and functional way to find out the weather from the screen of the gadget.

Cost: ~ 36 p.
Requirements: version Android 4.0+

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This is a review of applications today, I hope that among these applications you will find something for yourself.


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