Magnificent five. Winter 2015, part two

Holidays are noisy, we are drawn into a productive work schedule, at the same time we are getting acquainted with interesting applications from the Google Play catalog.

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The room
(Fireproof Games)

An addicting 3D puzzle game from one of the best developers according to Google Play appeared on my smartphone after stumbling upon the third part of the game in one of the newsletters. I decided to start with the first one and did not regret it. The gameplay involves solving puzzles that help uncover clever designs and piece the 'pieces' of the plot together as you progress through the chapters.

Magnificent five.  Winter 2015, part two

The game is played in one breath, at least, it seems so addictive in earnest. The tasks are varied, involving logic, attention, spatial thinking and the ability to use various tools to solve problems. Depending on the complexity of the current task, the player is provided with two or three, sometimes four tips. At this point, the game can puzzle users with insufficient knowledge of the English language, unfortunately, there is no Russian localization in the game. For me, the only drawback in the game, perhaps, was just the fact that it was over, I agree with the comments on The Room page in Google Play.

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The beautifully and well-executed The Room requires attention and patience, suitable for adherents of a measured style of play and fans of this genre, regardless of age.

Cost: 59 rubles.
Requirements: version Android 2.3+

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Stick hero

A fun casual arcade game from a famous game developer. The player controls a ninja character who needs to move between platforms by 'pulling' sticks of the desired length, regulated by the time you tap the screen. Simple and unpretentious, but, as in the case of Flappy Bird and similar games, fascinates.

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An additional game mode is available from the main menu by clicking on the character icon on the left. In it, you also need to 'pull' the stick, breaking watermelons with it, but this time without touching the platforms. The game currency in Stick Hero is cherries, which can be collected by moving between platforms and spent on buying new characters. If the cherries are under the stick along which the character is running, then you need to quickly press to move him to the 'upside down' position and back so as not to crash into the platform. In general, it seems to be nothing special, but it's nice to play, the developers are great.

Cost: Free, Advertising, IAP
Requirements: version Android 2.3+

Magnificent five.  Winter 2015, part two



The odd acronym hides an application for editing photos and correcting lens distortion, which offers a number of good tools: perspective correction in terms of symmetry, auto-framing, mirroring, GoPro simulation, 'fish-eye', etc. Also, in the application you can get acquainted with the EXIF ​​information for the selected image, immediately upload the resulting image to Instagram, or simply save it to the gallery.

screener_20160127 (16-14-47) screener_20160127 (14-56-36)

The developers' loud claim that their app is the 'missing link when taking pictures with high-end smartphones' has strangely not been rejected, SKRWT can really help correct a hasty photo and give it the correct proportions in terms of composition, not to mention artistic editing. It is useful to advise adherents of mobile photography.

Cost: 62 rubles.
Requirements: version Android 4.0+

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(Creative Labs LLC)

For users Facebook on smartphones, the official application has long been the subject of discussion and the cause of numerous negative reviews to the developer. And they are not unreasonable: for example, on my device the client occupies about 350 MB, the volume is considerable. And the speed of work, according to users, leaves much to be desired. However, there were no complaints on my part, at least there weren't until I installed Folio. The application positions itself as a 'wrapper' for the mobile version of the service, the idea is simple, but well executed. Compared to the official client, Folio is quite a fluff, takes 13-15 MB (without add-ons) and works quite tolerably and smartly, providing almost full functionality of the main application with a slight difference in the interface. The latter, by the way, can be configured by disabling certain modules, as, for example, I did with sentences in the style of 'You may know these people'.

screener_20160127 (14-53-46) screener_20160127 (14-54-35)

Folio developers offer two paid options: the main key (about 226 rubles), which opens access to Google+, Instagram, Tumblr and more than forty themes and an add-on (about 70 rubles), which allows you to go from Folio directly to mobile version Twitter. Thus, for 300 rubles. you can get a completely functional client for five social networks at once, albeit in a mobile version. There is a caveat: if the mobile version of the service lacks any functionality of the full version, then the same will be in Folio. I advise you to try it for those who often use social networks and who need a universal client, but whose device does not have good performance or a fair amount of free memory.

Cost: Free
Requirements: version Android 4.0+

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LeDo Launcher
(X Launcher Team)

The selection is completed by a launcher made in the style of the interface of a well-known OEM. No matter how hard the developers try to insist that the product is made from scratch, the influence is visible to the naked eye. This, however, is not about that. The shell divides the workspace into two screens: the main one, where the main, according to the developers, applications and tools are located, and the additional one, where the applications are located, automatically divided into folders depending on their purpose.

screener_20160127 (14-55-30) screener_20160127 (14-56-04)

LeDo does not bring anything fundamentally new, the existing functionality can be called basic. Of course, it is felt that the developers are ahead of work on bugs, for example, on scaling icon labels, but in general the product is quite suitable for everyday use, except that there is a rather large array of applications in the 'Other applications' folder, sorting does not work the way it does I would like to. Advise those who do not want to get into the general application menu and who are closer to a simplified desktop in the style of products of Chinese manufacturers / developers.

Cost: Free, IAP
Requirements: version Android 4.2+

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