Never play PES CM on your smartphone

It so happened that since childhood I have been watching 'Formula 1', from about 8 years old, probably. But other sports, even as a spectator, did not particularly touch me all this time. Unless, again, as a child, I liked to play hockey on the PlayStation, while the game was supposed to control the hockey players during matches, but there was an opportunity to simply assemble a team and give control to the computer, which I did, watching my team play against computer commands. So, it was a fleeting old hobby and nothing boded trouble, until a week ago, I don’t remember why, I decided to install the football manager Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager on my smartphone. Abbreviated as PES CM. The game does not spare you and eats up a lot of free time. Even for me, a person who treats football in about the same way as to any Nigerian tribe, that is, nothing.


The essence of the game is as follows – you create a team, recruit players into it and begin to make your way up the leagues. Each league has several divisions, in order to go through one division, you need to play 16-18 matches and be in the top three by the end of the championship. This is very short.

In fact, in addition to the team, you need to develop the hometown of the club, build various structures there (the process takes a certain number of hours or games), engage in newcomers and look for players, because all the players in the team are aging; one division or championship – plus one year for each player's age.


What attracted me to the game? Probably, the fact that here, unlike other football managers (and I have already seen 3-4 pieces), you see a normal game, that is, three-dimensional models of men run around the football field, very plausibly pass the ball to each other and generally lead themselves are very similar to their real counterparts. I assembled a team, chose a tactical scheme and then during the match (it lasts about 8 minutes) I watch my 'players' with interest. And this is captivating. Because in games all sorts of different things really happen – a cool striker can give amazing goals over and over again, and in some game he will have 3-4 crossbars in a row, by the end of the match the players get tired, start giving too strong passes, make mistakes and so on Further. Of course, I do not know how much real simulation of a football match is in PES CM, but, again, looking at all this turns out to be very exciting. It's like watching an accelerated soccer match. Real.


The game has one drawback – at first, some of the things can be obtained only by mining the so-called PES Coins, and they are bought for real money. Moreover, a lot of money. Of course, at the start, 'coins' are given for certain achievements: play five games, enter the game two days in a row, five days, and so on, but at some point a situation arises when coins are needed in large quantities to buy new ones players, if yours are already retired, for example. In general, as far as I understand, if you play a lot in PES CM, then at a certain moment you will have as many of these coins as you like, but at the start, I repeat, things are not going well with them.

In PES CM there are associations of real players, you can join one of them by interests or any other characteristic, tournaments, and so on, that is, there is a kind of multiplayer game. But I didn’t have time to figure it out yet, as well as to reach any adult leagues. All this takes time, which the game mercilessly eats up. But it's definitely worth a try, even if you're not a sports fan.

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