the reincarnation of the 'Snake'

What will happen if you add multiplayer to the good old 'Snake', launching a couple of dozen players on one field and allowing them to play dirty tricks on each other? The correct answer is A simple, but surprisingly effective time killer, devouring time at an astounding speed …


The rules of the game are as simple as possible. As in the original, our goal is to grow a snake of the maximum length and take an honorable place in the TOP. True, local snakes are more like colored worms, but this does not change things at all.

At first, it is enough just to collect the colored spheres scattered across the field and not bump into the ones that get confused under kicking the tail of competitors. At first, they do not interfere very much, and if you do not ask for trouble yourself, then they do not represent a real danger.



But after a couple of minutes of the game, everything changes. For a solid worm, tiny spheres are nothing more than an easy snack, and for further growth it needs something more substantial. For example, the very substance of which competing snakes are made. But the rest of the players are not at all inclined to self-sacrifice and they themselves begin to glance at your worm with a pronounced gastronomic interest.


There are no damage models, damage indicators, hit points and other difficulties in the game. If your snake bumps its head into another player, it immediately dies, even if by this time it has eaten to the size of a royal python. But blows on the tail are not scary, here it will already be bad for the one who flew at you.

The easiest way to get rid of an annoying competitor is to cut him off by swerving sharply to the side at the very last moment. To do this, you can use the acceleration mode, which is activated by double tapping on the screen. The pleasure is not free – in the accelerated mode, the worm gradually decreases, leaving behind a trail of glowing spheres.


After death, the snake's body turns into a scattering of spheres, which are brighter and more nutritious, the larger its size. It is these spheres that are the most effective food, and sometimes in one such 'lunch' a cannibal worm can grow a couple of meters in length at once.


But to correctly cut someone else's snake is still half the battle, because you still need to have time to eat the dropped out spheres before competitors. And it is advisable not to turn into food yourself – the crush is usually terrible and any careless movement can become fatal.

If the size allows, you can try to enclose the enemy in a ring. It's not easy to do, but it's worth it – the situation is almost a win-win. Sooner or later, the competitor will make a mistake, do not have time to turn aside and crash into the tail of your snake. You have practically nothing to be afraid of – you can face your own tail without any problems. And legitimate prey will be protected from those who like to dine at someone else's expense.



In general, the gameplay is completely straightforward, but very fun. And failures do not upset at all, because no one bothers to immediately start a new party, and if you are very lucky, then even take revenge on your offender. the reincarnation of the 'Snake'

The game also has a browser version, which is available at


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