Turn on 'night mode' in the official app Twitter

The official Twitter app has a nice new feature – 'night mode'. Let's figure out how to enable it.

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A few days ago, a number of people on Twitter announced the appearance of the night mode, and even then I wanted to tell about this news and show how it turns on. But, having opened the application that time, I simply did not find this mode in the settings and, since there were a lot of cases, I stupidly closed the client and went to finish writing other articles. And then on the weekend some time was freed up and decided to try again. Interestingly, on several smartphones I never found the corresponding button, Denis Komilavochnikov suggested that the appearance of this mode is going on gradually and showed where the corresponding button is added. As a result, everything is extremely simple: you open your profile with a swipe from left to right and you can see in the bottom part switch.

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Twitter itself in night mode looks much more beautiful and laconic.

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Do you already have a corresponding switch? Do you use this mode?

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